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Department of Zoology and Biotechnology)

Head of Department: Dr. Jaishree Sharma

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About Department: The undergraduate department of zoology was established in 1896 in the erstwhile Robertson College along with other science undergraduate departments. Postgraduate teaching in the zoology department was initiated in the college in 1952. The department has been maintaining rich traditions of teaching & learning science more than half a century. It has had many distinguished scientists as its staff members & heads, and many of its alumni have held important posts in the country and abroad.

Lab Facilities

Department has well equipped laboratories. Under graduate laboratories have good microscopes and other basic equipment such as colorimeters and pH meters in adequate number. Museum of Zoology is one of the best in the state. It was established by the pioneers of the department at its inception and has an excellent collection of stuffed birds, reptiles & mammals in addition to skeletons & fossils of different types of mammals and preserved specimens. It is in fact a legacy handed over to us by our predecessors, which we have maintained.

Our labs have also the desired equipment for the undergraduate biotechnology practical as well as research work. We have high magnification Olympus and Nikon Microscopes with Photomicrograph Systems and Image Capture System. We also have laminar air flow chamber and other tissue culture facilities, SDS-PAGE facilities, cooling centrifuge, cooling incubator, hybridization chamber etc. We will soon have deep freezer. The college has a carbon dioxide incubator & UV visual pc linked spectrophotometer at central lab facility. The department has PCR equipment and it also has gel documentation facility.

Zoological Society

The department has a very active “Zoology Academic Society”, which is looked after by Dr. Varsha Aglave. The society conducts seminar presentations by PG students who speak on curricular and extracurricular topics. This serve to build up confidence in students and the practice of delivering seminars hones up their presentation skills. Each year, the society is inaugurated with a lecture by a learned renowned scientist.

Learning resources of the department like library, computers, laboratories and other such resources:

The departmental library has large number of books of zoology and biotechnology. Good reference books are included in both subjects. In addition, the department subscribe to the following journals-

1. Fishing Chimes

2. IFSI- Inland Fisheries Society, Barrakpore, Kolkata

3. Indian journal of Entomology

We have a very well established and rich museum for zoological studies, two well equipped UG labs and two PG labs equipped with good student and research microscopes, centrifuges, pH meters, colorimeters, electrophoresis apparatus, BOD incubators, refrigerators, Autoclaves, Laminar flow chamber etc. The department also has OHPs and LCD projectors as audio visual aids for teaching. TV and audio video cassettes/CDs are also available.

All teachers are assigned about 30 students, they are the teacher guardians of this group and they keep track of the attendance and their performances in exams etc. They also act as the personal counsellors of these students.

Collaboration with other departments and institutions at national and international level

BSc IV and VI Semester students studying biotechnology are sent every year to TFRI for practical training in plant tissue culture.

Thrust areas of the research

Medical mycology, Human cytogenetics, applied entomology, Fisheries,  Limnology Biodiversity.

Innovations and best practices initiated/adopted by the department during the last five years.

The students are taken on conducted tours to various science exhibitions locally (exhibition arranged by the department of atomic energy, and the science exhibition train with German collaboration) and the student presenting the best seminar is given a small price.  The students are also encouraged to bring interesting news clippings related to science for the departmental notice board.

Participation of the students in research through the academic programme

Scientific projects are now an essential part of UG and PG curricula. The students are also sent to institutions like TFRI & SFRI and ZSI Fisheries Department of Veterinary College, NDV University, Jabalpur, Department of Sericulture Department.

Major research facilities developed and made available on the campus

The research facilities available in the department include various research microscopes, Photomicrographic equipment, centrifuges, colorimeters, laminar flow chamber, autoclaves etc.

Gold Medals

Gold Medal established in Memory of … Sponsored by … Eligibility …
1 Late Pandit Khayali Ram Ayachi Dr. Akhilesh AyachiMrs. Bharati Ayachi Highest Marks scored in M.Sc. Faculty of Bioscience.
2 Late Narmada Prasad Chapra Dr. R. K. ChapraShri Puneet Chapra Highest Marks Scored in M.Sc. Zoology
3 Late Yamuna Nand Kishore Dubey Dr. K. K. DubeyMrs. Shashi Kiran Dubey Highest Marks Scored in B.Sc. Zoology

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