Labs & Equipments

The sprawling campus, well-equipped laboratories, computers, televisions,  conference room, multimedia facilitated seminar hall completes the picture of a well established educational institution and contribute to the college an image of a temple of the Goddess of Knowledge Sarswatiji where the worshippers achieve enlightenment.

As the students use their hands and head to study science aesthetic sense is inculcated in them through the various extra- curricular activities as well. The institution promotes spiritual, intellectual, cultural and physical development of its students.

Resultant self-confidence in the students makes them feel that nothing is impossible. The aim of an ideal educational institution is to provide the most able, the most efficient personalities in different sphere of activities for the country. The history of the college has been very rich and fruitful in fostering and grooming such outstanding personalities who have out-shown in the fields of administration, research, medical and as distinguished scientists in diverse fields.