Ph.D. Awarded Zoology Department

Name of the PhD scholar Name of the Department Name of the guide/s Title of the thesis Year of registration of the scholar Year of award of PhD
Vivek Sharma Zoology Dr. Rita Bhandari Texonomy of paenophitiam snakes of central Inadia 2016 On going
Kritika Singh Zoology Dr.Jayshree Sharma & Dr.Rita Bhandari Application of Blowflies in the forensics of wild animals 2016 On going
Parnavi Arya Zoology Dr.Varsha Aglawe Study of prevalence of diabetes and its co-relation with sex ratio, age, occupation and food habits in the local population 2016 On going
Megha Tiwari Zoology Dr.Varsha Aglawe Study on body mass index of male and female of Jabalpur region and its association with food habits, life style and occupation 2016 On going
Shraddha Patel Zoology Dr.Varsha Aglawe Study on feeding behaviour of dairy cows,management and its impact on milk production 2016 On going
Swati Rai Zoology Dr.Varsha Aglawe Novel approaches in pest and pesticides management in vegetables in Mahakaushal area 2016 On going
Sushma Jaget Zoology Dr.Varsha Aglawe Study on the evaluation of some plant extracts against Dysdurcus cingulatus 2016 On going
Ranjana Tripathi Zoology Dr.Varsha Aglawe An analytical study on population ecology and causes for depletion of Mahaseer fish in Narmada river. 2016 On going
Poonam Yadav Zoology Dr. Varsha Aglawe & Dr.Rita Bhandari Pathogenecity of symbiotic bacteria  isolated from native entomopathologenic nematodes against major insect pests. 2015 On going
Sandeep Kushwaha Zoology Dr.Jayshree Sharma & Dr.Rita Bhandari Taxonomic studies on Terrestrial Hemiptera( Insecta: Hemiptera) of Central India. 2015 On going
Shivam Dubey Zoology Dr.Jayshree Sharma & Dr.Rita Bhandari Study of bird faunal diversity at Gun Carriage Factory (Jabalpur) and surrounding areas with special reference to feeding behaviour. 2015 On going
Arjun Shukla Zoology Dr.Jayshree Sharma & Dr.Rita Bhandari Biomonitoring of River Narmada in Jabalpur region with special reference to Benthic Macroinvertebrates. 2015 On going
Shobha Pardhi Zoology Dr.Jayshree Sharma & Dr.Rita Bhandari A study of varietal influence of Cajanus cajan on the field of Rangeeni lac production in Balaghat District M.P. 2015 On going
Deepika Patel Zoology Dr.Jayshree Sharma & Dr.Rita Bhandari Screening of insect pests infesting medicinal plants of Jabalpur District 2015 On going
Mubashir Azam Mir Zoology Dr.Varsha Aglawe An investigation of human peripheral lymphocyte parameters and some molecular diagnostic markers for subclinical and early diagnosis of cervical cancer. 2015 On going
Altaf Sheikh Hussain Zoology Dr. Rita Bhandari Study on Biodiversity of insect fauna at Dumna nature park Jabalpur wsr to Hemiptera & Hymenoptera 2014 2016
Khushboo Bunkar Zoology Dr. Rita Bhandari Study of biodiversity of Lepidoptera & Coleoptera in Dumna Nature Park Jabalpur Mp. 2014 On going
Runa Paul Zoology Dr. Rita Bhandari Study of imunomodulaeory effects of some dietary herbal constituents in Clarias sps 2014 On going
Dinesh Kumar Kushwaha Zoology Dr. Rita Bhandari Ecofriendly Management of major Coleopteran Seed borer of Acacia & Albizia tree species in MP  2014 On going
Harshita Meshram Zoology Dr. Rita Bhandari Study of Amt Fauna in diffirent Lac ecosystems in Balaghat Distt. MP. 2014 On going
Bhoopendra Ahirwar Zoology Dr.Jayshree Sharma Study on the empect of Industrial west on Zooplanktonic Population of Hanumantal & Sanjay Nagar Pond Katni MP. 2014 On going
Rashmi Mahobia Zoology Dr.Jayshree Sharma Studies on the diversity of river Narmada and Gaur river at Jabalpur M.P. 2014 On going
Deepmala Batham Zoology Dr.Shampa Jain Biochemical, Histological & Histopathological studies on the effect of Lead Nitrate & Zinc Sulphate on kidney &liver of Mystus cavasius. 2014 On going
Neetu Vaishy Zoology Dr.Shampa Jain Studies on biology of insects associated with imli(Tamarindus indica) with special reference to pod borer. 2014 On going
Neelam Tiwari Zoology Dr. K.K.Dubey        Faunal study of Pariyat River , Jabalpur with reference to primary and secondary productivity. 2013 Submitted 2018
Ms. Chanchala Shiv Zoology Dr. R.K.Srivastava & Dr. K.K. Dubey Study of ecology and fisheries of Temar River at Jabalpur. 2013 On going
Brajesh Kumar  Zoology Dr. Rita Bhandari Effect of paper mill effluents on the fishes   of Son river with special reference to the hormone profile of the affected fish and related histopathological studies.  2013 Awarded
Tahir  Hussain Shah Zoology Dr. Rita Bhandari Study on the performance of Kusmi Lac insect on nutrian managed tree (Zizyphus mauritiana)  2013 2016
Daya Shankar Gautam Zoology Dr. Rita Bhandari Assessment of genotoxicity in Bidi Rollers due to tobacco dust, using DNA damage techniques with special reference to polymorphisim of GSTM1 gene as a marker. 2013 2016
Sachin Ram Singh Zoology Dr. Rita Bhandari Studies on spide ( Arachnida: Araneae) Diversity and Composition in Nauradehi Wildlife Sanctuary (MP, India) with special reference to their ecology. 2013 On going
Anamika Singh Zoology Dr. R.K. Shrivastava Effect on coal mining air pollution related health impacts on coal mine workers with special reference to respiratory problems. 2011 2015
Vinod Mishra Zoology Dr. Rita Bhandari Standardization of economical mass multiplication for potential  native entomopathogenic nematode population from Madhya Pradesh and role of symbiotic bacteria. 2011 2015
Kashiram Karmakar Zoology Dr. Rita Bhandari Study on the impact of leaf gall fly Triozoa obsolete Buckton(Homoptera:Psyllidae) on the production of tendu (Diospyros melanoxylon Roxb.) leaves in South Forest Division,Seoni Madhya Pradesh. 2011 2015
Manisha Juneja Zoology Dr. Rita Bhandari Biological study conservation productivity and disease control of DABA Ecorace of Anthraea mylitta. 2011 2015
Roshni Pandey Zoology Dr. Rita Bhandari Diversity and distribution of moths Lepidoptera – Insecta in Veerangana Durgawati Sanctuary Damoh M.P. 2011 2015
Deepa Sonkar Zoology Dr.Jayshree Sharma Control Measure of insect pests of important cultivated medicinal plants in Jabalpur Distt. 2011 2017
Priyanka Shrivastava zoology Dr. Rita Bhandari Studies on physico-chemical parameters of limestone mines water bodies at Katni with special reference to its fish  production. 2010 2013
Radhika Kankane Zoology Dr. Rita Bhandari Hyrobiological study of Katni river with special reference to water quality index and fish production 2010 2013
Sanjay Paunikar Zoology Dr. Rita Bhandari Bioefficacy of entomopathogenic nematode native of central Indian state of M.P. for the management of major forest insect pests 2010 2014
Neelima Bagde Zoology Dr.Shampa Jain 2010 2015