Ph.D. Awarded Physics Department

Name of the PhD scholar Name of the Department Name of the guide/s Title of the thesis Year of registration of the scholar Year of award of PhD
Mrs. Sapna singh Physics Dr. R.K.Kuraria Synthesis and luminescence characterzation of some rare earth activated aluminate based phosphors 2016 On going
Sapna singh Physics Dr.S.R.Kuraria Synthesis and luminescence characterzation of some rare earth activated aluminate based phosphors. 2016 On going
Yatendra Mishra Physics Dr. R.K.Kuraria Luminesence studies on Ca2 Al2 Si2 O7 : ce-nano phosphers 2015 On going
Rajkumar Bairagi Physics Dr. R.K.Kuraria Studies on the synthesis and luminesence characterzation of (Zns) 1-x (Mnte)x phosphers  2015 On going
Preeti singh Gontia Physics Dr. S.K.Pandey Experimental and theretical studies on light emiseion from nanocrystal/polymeer composite films.” 2015 On going 
Yatendra Mishra Physics Dr.S.R.Kuraria 2015 On going
Ranjna Bhaleker Physics Dr. S.K.Pandey “Theoretical investigation of light emission from semi conductor nanocrystals.” 2014 On going 
Rajkumar rajak Physics Dr.S.Awasthi Studies & Characterization of Cow waste based traditional betteries and Microbial fuel cell 2014 On going
Arvind Dubey Physics Dr.S.K.Dubey Study of Short/Long term Variations in cosmic ray itensity 2014 On going
Shikha Chouhan Physics Dr.Ravi Katare Evaluation of ultra violet (UV) absorption behavior and mechanism properties of zinc oxide containing poly (vinyl alcohol) (PVA) based nanocomposites  2013 2017
Ajay sing Utiye Physics Dr.S.Awasthi Study on Structural, Mechanical & electrical Characterization of  polyaniline/Gelatin comoisite & it’s watar sorption behavior 2013 On going
Anjana Goswami Physics Dr.B.K.Sinha Preparation Characterization and Study of vanadium oxides containing polysccharides based nanocomposites 2012 Submitted-2018
Rashmi Jaiswal Physics Dr.B.K.Sinha Study on polymer nanocompositis containing Se/Cd based quantum dot. 2012 On going
Rinkesh Bhatt Physics Dr.Ravi Katare Peparation and Characterization of Polydiaminonapthalene Doped Polyvinyl alcohol Films 2012 2016
Dr. O.P. Vishwakrma Physics Dr. S.K.Pandey “A comparative theoretical Studies of nanostructured quantum well and quantum dot laser.” 2011 2016
Prasant pandey Physics Dr.B.K.Sinha “Theoretical and Experimental studies of The Brand Gap of Semiconductor Quantum Dots” 2011 2018
D.S.Bisen Physics Dr.Ravi Katare Structural and mechanical Characterization of Biocompatable Chitosan Poly (vinyl alcohal) Interpenerating Networks (IPNs) 2011 Submitted
Nitendra Gautam Physics Dr. R.K.Kuraria Electro luminesence studies of Ternary chalcongenide nanocrystles  2010 2015
Nikhil Ranjan Jha Physics Dr. R.K.Kuraria Luminesence studies on some Eu doped U203 nanophosphors  2010 2017
Dr. Nisha Pandey Physics Dr. S.K.Pandey “Theoretical studies on some characteristics of quantum dot lasers.” 2010 2014
Neha tiwari Physics Dr. R.K.Kuraria Mechno luminesence behaviour of Ti & Rare earth activated zirconium based phoshors 2009 2016
Satysheel gedam Physics Dr. R.K.Kuraria 2009 2013
Rohit Tiwari Physics Dr.S.K.Dubey Study of Coronal Mass Ejection and their Influence on Geosphere 2009 2017