Ph.D. Awarded Geology Department

Name of the PhD scholar Name of the Department Name of the guide/s Title of the thesis Year of registration of the scholar Year of award of PhD
Sunil Kumar Nage  Geology Dr D K Deolia Dr. Sanjay Tignath Prioritisation of sub-water shed of Hiran River basin, Jabalpur district, Madhya Pradesh, India using Remote Sensing and GIS.  2014 2017
Nandita Vyas Geology Dr. D. K. Deolia  Quality of surface and subsurface water with special reference to fluoride and iron contents in Jabalpur city of M.P., India. 2010 2014
Madhav Prasad Bisen Geology Dr. Sanjay Tignath Hydrogeological Study of Bhalaghat Block, Bhalghat.  2010 2013
Meenakshi Kapoor  Geology Dr. Sanjay Tignath Hydrogeomorphological Study of Linear Valley, Hiran Escarpment, Jabalpur – Damoh dist. 2010 2014
Trilok Singh Patle  Geology Dr. Sanjay Tignath  Hydrogelogical Study of Bharveli Block, Bhalaghat, Dist.  2010 2014
Monika Babele Geomorphology (Geography) Dr. Sanjay Tignath Dr. A. L. Mahobia Environmental Impact of Urbanisation on Jabalpur, MP 2011 2015