The vision of our founders for providing affordable quality education is being
carried forward. The basic objective of higher education is the all round development
of young generation so that they give off their very best.


The College has the mission statement, which is reflected in the motto of the
College “Jyotirhi Vigyanam” meaning “Light is the Science” in other words “Science
is the Light of Truth”. Thus the mission is:
1. To enlighten young minds through pursuit of excellence in science education.
2. To instil in them scientific temper, i.e. to remove shackles of subjective
3. To give to their thinking societal dimensions arousing them with means and
    motives to ameliorate the lives of multitude of their marginalized brothers.
4. To inculcate a strong sense of nationalism in keeping with the glorious heritage
    of the institution.
5. Sensitize and engage students in issues of gender equality, human rights and
    ecology in order to make them socially responsible citizens.