Mathematics Deptt.

Mathematics Department-

Head of Department: Dr. Anil Kumar Dalela

List of Lectures Under Mathematical Society

1      Topic- Fixed point theorem, Dr Devid Lavin, Head of the Department of
Mathematics Telaviv University, Jan-2013.
2      Topic – History of Mathematics and Geometry, Dr. P.N. Pandey, Head of the
department of mathematics, University of Allahabad, Nov -2013.
3      Topic – Certain Topological Spaces, Dr. P.V. Jain, Head of the department of
mathematics, RDVV Jabalpur, March-2015
4      Topic – Fuzzy Logic, Dr. S.S. Thakur, Head of the department of Mathematics ,
Govt. Engg  college Jabalpur, Feb-2016
5      Topic- Application of Differential Equations, Prof. Suneeta Soni, Head of
Department of Mathematics. MGM Jabalpur, Mar 2017.

About Department: More than 100 years back, U. G. classes with mathematics combination in science and commerce faculty started in 1905. The post graduate classes in applied mathematics were started in 1945 under the guidance of Dr. S.C. Dhar. Post Graduate classes in pure mathematics introduced in the year 1952. Department of mathematics has jointly with other departments introduced Computer Application subject at UG level in 1992. At present the department is also running the classes of Computer Science since the session 2002-03.

Great mathematician Dr. S.C. Dhar (1943-47), Dr. N.G. Shabde (1947-55) headed the department as the well as college. Then Shri C.S. Raghawan, Shri K.S. Rathore(1963-71) took over and enriched the department followed by Dr. G.C.N. Kulshreshth , Dr. B.P. Parashar, Shri V.K. Handa , Dr. S.Tripathi , Dr. S.K. Sachdeva , Dr B.B. Shrivastava, Prof. M.L. Paliwal , Dr. V.P. Agrawal , Dr. N.K. Choubey, Dr. M. K. Shukla were among heads of the mathematics department who enjoyed great reputation as a teacher and administrator. The rich traditions and contribution from these illustrious mathematicians helped the department in becoming a center of higher learning.

At present the department is offering B.Sc. and M.Sc. Degree courses catering the needs of nearly 1350 students besides mathematics, we also input useful knowledge of computer science to respond the emerging needs of the society. The department is also actively engaged in research program in pure and applied mathematics. On academic front, it is our core object to provide in depth understanding of mathematical ideas and principles. We often organize tutorials and seminars. We also provide special coaching for weak students. We organize invited lectures and talks of distinguished academicians and professionals to meet the purpose.

Academic Society

Traditionally mathematical society is formed every session. With the active participation of students society works in the academic interests of the students and the department. The society has organized several lectures of specialists / experts in the department during past years.

  Topic Name
1. Applications of Computers in automobiles. Shri P. Shrivastava, Senior Engineer, General Motors USA
2. Applications of Computers in Marine Engineering Shri Ramesh Agnihotri, Marine Engineer, USA.
3. Software / Internet Shri R.K. Shrivastava, Chicago USA
4. Internet Shri Manoj Mishra, (I.E.S) Telecom Engg., Jabalpur
5. Application of Computers in Railways. Shri K.L. Gupta, Indian Railways.
6. Recent trends in Computer technology. Dr. B. K. Anand, R.D. University, Jabalpur
7. Fuzzy Technology Dr. Santosh Singh Thakur Govt. Engineering College, Jabalpur
8. Basics in Computers Shri A.K. Shrivastava Govt. Engg. College, Jabalpur
9. Astronomy/ Horoscope preparation Dr. Sapna Soni Astronomist., Jabalpur
10 Railway Reservation Er. S.C.Jethi, Joint G.M., W.C. Railway,Jabalpur – Zone
11 Swadeshi and its role in emerging India Shri Chandra Shekhar Pachouri
12 Spline Functions Dr. S.S. Rana, R.D.V.V. Jabalpur
13 Applications of Mathematics Dr. David Levin, Tel Aviv University, Israel.
14 Topology Dr. Poornima Jain, RDVV, Jabalpur
15 Fuzzy Logic and Algebra Dr. S. S. Thakur, JEC, Jabalpur

On academic front it is our core subject to provide in depth understanding of mathematical ideas and principle. Pilot project on “self-learning process” under close observation of experienced teachers has started for M.Sc. final students of the department. Also, mock test as CCE helps students to improve their score performance and get acquainted with techniques and pattern of examinations.

Computer Facility

Computer related (theory and practical) papers taught by the department at U.G. and P.G. level. Our existing computer lab is insufficient to meet the need of increasing strength of the students. We are trying to establish a new spacious and well equipped computer lab at third floor of the building (Tower), to meet the requirements and needs of the present changing scenario. Furniture work, electrification, Networking is almost complete by utilizing available funds from UGC – CPE, Self Finance Scheme.

Conference / Summers Course/ Short Term Course

The department has organized certificates courses in computer during summers in recent years to generate resources for the department and to make staff and students convergent with computers. From 21st May 2001 to 10th July 2001 a course entitled as “Introduction of Indian Astronomy and Astrology ” was organized successfully.

A successful national conference with the main theme “Application of Mathematics in Science and Technology” was organized by the department 23-24 March 2003. Various eminent mathematician such as Prof T. Pati, Prof. S.D. Tripathi , Prof. H.P. Dixit , Prof. B. Rai and Prof. P. N. Pandey were among those who participated in the conference.

Mathematics department actively participated in the Work Shop on “Development of an innovative course of studies : Integral Human Science” and proposed a model syllabus for B.Sc. which includes mathematics, Vedic mathematics, History of mathematics, Yoga, Jyotish, Vastu, Astronomy , Astrology as papers

Research activities

Faculty members of the Department are frequently participating and presenting their research papers in the national, international conferences organized /hosted by the different colleges, universities, U.G.C., I.M.S. I.A.P.S. and Science Congress etc.


Department has very rich library. It Comprise books, journals, communication papers etc. There are about 7100 books of graduate post graduate level and for advanced studies in every field of mathematics standard research journals are also subscribed.

Gold Medals

Gold Medal established in Memory of … Sponsored by … Eligibility …
1 Late Prof. V. K. Handa Shri Rajesh Handa Highest Marks Scored in M.Sc. Mathematics
2 Late S. N. Singh Choudhary Shri Pushpraj Singh Choudhary Highest Marks Scored in B.Sc. Mathematics