List awarded scholars Chemistry

List of research scholars registered for Ph. D. Degree in Chemistry
S. No. Name Title of Thesis Registration


Supervisor Co-Supervisor
1 Ms.Sushma Jharia Photochemical and Pharmacological Studies of Some Medicinal Plants of Mandla District 2013 Dr Arun Kakkar
2 Mr.Manoj Gaibhaiye Photochemical and Pharmacological  Investigation of Antidiabetic  Medical Plants Belonging to Tribal Region of Balaghat 2013 Dr Arun Kakkar
3 Mrs.Preeti Vaidya Synthesis, characterization and biological activity of some Schiff base complexes of Manganese, Iron, Cobalt and Nickel 2013 Dr. P. Gaur Dr S. N. Shukla
4 Mrs.Sangeeta Jhariya Synthesis, characterization and biological activity of some Schiff base complexes of Chromium and Vanadium 2013 Dr. S.N. Shukla Dr. P. Gaur
5 Mrs.Dimple Dehariya Synthesis, characterization and biological activity of some Schiff base complexes of Titanium 2013 Dr. S.N. Shukla Dr. P. Gaur
6 Anuja Jain Synthesis and characterization of macroporous copolymers by cryopolymerization of 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate and vinyl monomers and study of their biophysical properties 2014 Dr. A.K. Bajpai
7 Ms.Rani Dutta Study and Investigation of Antioxidants is some Medicinal Plants of Madhya Pradesh 2014 Dr Arun Kakkar
8 Mr.Bhaskar Chaurasia Synthesis, characterization and biological activity of Schiff base complexes of Iron and Copper 2014 Dr S. N. Shukla Dr. P. Gaur
9 Mr.Mohanlal Raidas Synthesis, characterization and biological activity of Schiff base complexes of Iron, Cobalt and Nickel 2014 Dr S. N. Shukla Dr. P. Gaur
10 Mrs.Maya Sharma Development of Value-Added Materials From Lignocellulosic Wastes 2014 Dr Smt.Anjali Bajpai
11 Mrs.Vidhya Raj Modification of Natural Polymer for High Performa Application 2014 Dr Smt.Anjali Bajpai
12 Anjana Goswami Preparation Characterization and Study of Vanadium Oxides containing polysaccharides based nanocomposites 2014 Dr. B. K. Sinha Dr. A. K. Bajpai
13 Rashmi Jaiswal Studies on polymer Nanocomposites Containing Selenium and Cadmium Based Quantum Dots 2014 Dr. B. K. Sinha Dr. A. K. Bajpai
14 Pallavi Shukla Study of mechanical and biocompatible behaviour of cellulose acetate based semi-interpenetrating polymer networks (IPNs) 2014 Dr. R. Bajpai Dr. A. K. Bajpai
15 Mr.Mahendra Markam Photochemical, Pharmacological and Ethno.Medicinal importance of Some specific Plants of Amarkantak Region 2015 Dr Arun Kakkar
16 Mr.Sanjay Singh Bagri Synthesis, Characterization and Biological activity of Ni (II) and Pd(II) complexes with some N-containing Ligands 2015 Dr S. N. Shukla Dr. P. Gaur
17 Mrs.Preeti Pradhan Development of “Green” Nanocomposite From Agricultural and Food Industry Wastes 2015 Dr Smt.Anjali Bajpai
18 Sunita Patel Preparation and characterization of polysaccharide based nanocarriers and study of loading and  release behaviour of some agricultural active ingredients (AI) 2015 Dr. A.K. Bajpai
19 Manjulata Shrungii Preparation and characterization of of biopolymer clay nanocomposites and study of their properties 2015 Dr. Jaya Bajpai Dr.A.K.Bajpai
20 Arti Sharma Study of conducting polymer based nanocomposites of graphene oxide 2015 Dr. R. Bajpai Dr. A. K. Bajpai
21 Anjali Pal Designing of gelatin and modified gelatin nanocarriers for in-vitro release of some anti-cancer drugs 2015 Dr.A.K. Bajpai
22 Mr.Hariom Soni Photochemical and Pharmacological Investigation in Some Medicinal Plants of Legvmisoceae Family 2016 Dr Arun Kakkar
23 Mr.Brij Mohan Photochemical Investigation and Antioxidant Activity of Medicinal Plant Belonging to Solonaceae and Fabaceae Family 2016 Dr Arun Kakkar
24 Mr.Yogesh Sharma Photochemical and Pharmacological Investigation of Natural Medicinal and Nutritional Plant Product 2016 Dr Arun Kakkar
25 Mr.Basharat Suhail Synthesis and Characterization of Carbon Dots from Some Carbon Rich Organic Sources Like Polysaccharide and Proteins for Multiple Applications 2016 Dr S.K. Bajpai Dr  Anjali D’souza
26 Ms.Priyanka Shukla Ionically Crosslinked Polysaccharide Based Hydrogels for Biomedical Application 2016 Dr Smt Mamjula Bajpai
27 Mrs.Laxmi Gond Functional Group Modification of Chitin and Gelatine for “Green” Application 2016 Dr Smt.Anjali Bajpai
28 Mrs.Shweta Chouksey Development of Polysaccharide Based Films for Various Application 2016 Dr Smt.Anjali Bajpai
29 Nidhi Khare Removal of toxic metal ions from water through adsorption using graphene coated iron oxide. 2016 Dr. Jaya Bajpai
30 Neha Sonker Preparation and characterization of core-shell nanoparticles of protein and iron oxide and study of control release of some anti cancer drugs 2016 Dr. Jaya Bajpai
31 Rashmi Choubey Synthesis and characterization of silver hydroxyapatite polymer nanocomposites and study of mechanical and antibacterial properties 2016 Dr.A.K. Bajpai
32 Riya Markam Designing of natural products based nanocarriers for targeted drug delivery and study of in vitro release of some anti inflammatory drugs 2017 Dr.A.K. Bajpai
33 Ms.Ranju Kandra Microwave Assisted Synthesis of Carbon Nano Dots and water Absorption Behaviour Chitosan/Carbon Dots Nanocomposite Film for Biomedical Applications 2018 Dr S.K. Bajpai
34 Mrs Sonali Jaiswal synthesis and charecatrerisation of Nio,NiFeO4 and Fe3O4 nanopaticals and to  and lidy theis ability to remove havy metal ions from aqutic solution 2015 Dr.shikha saxena
Government Science College, Jabalpur  
List of research scholars awarded Ph. D. Degree in Chemistry  
S. No. Name Title of Thesis   Year of Award Supervisor Co-Supervisor
1 Dr. O. P. Sharma Study on kinetics of retardation of vinyl polymerization. March 1996 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
2 Dr. Rajendra Prasad Semwal Studies of toxicants adsorption on surfaces by spectroscopic techniques. February 1996 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
3 Dr. S.K. Bajpai Redox polymerization of vinyl monomers and their flocculativitybahaviour. April 1997 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
4 Dr. Manjulata Rajpoot Studies on addition polymerization. July 1998 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
5 Dr. Anita Choubey Kinetic Study on the adsorption of carbohydrate at the alumina solution interface. January 1999 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
6 Dr Joshy Simon Synthesis and characterization of blockcopolymers of styrene and butadiene July 2001  Dr Anjali Bajpai  
7 Dr. Mudita Shrivastava Studies on dynamic swelling behaviour of vinyl polymer based hydrogels.  March  2001 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
8 Dr. Smitha Bhanu Studies on release dynamics of some selected high molecular weight compounds from a terniery polymeric delivery system. December 2002 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
9 Dr. Anjali Giri The Selective release of loaded agrochemicals from vinyl monomers based polymeric hydrogels. November 2002 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
10 Dr. Nekshri Vishwakarma Adsorption of vinyl monomers on fullerearth. June 2002 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
11 Dr. Sandeep kumar Shukla Water sorption dynamics through poly vinyl alcohol based hydrogel and study of their drug releasr behavior. February 2002 Dr Jaya Bajpai Dr A.K.  Bajpai
12 Dr. J. Sonkusley Studies on swelling and drug release analysis of pH sensitive hydrogels containing diprotic acid.   2003 Dr. S. K. Bajpai  
13 Dr Shuchi Tiwari   Studies on functional polymers: with special reference to compounds containing dithiocarbamate groups May 2004  Dr Anjali Bajpai  
14 Dr Kanchan Khare  Synthesis of high performance polymers from low cost castor oil based dimer acid.  February 2004  Dr Anjali Bajpai  
15 Dr. Ruma Shrivastava Removal of toxic metal ions by adsorption on to crosslinked sodium alginate- gelatin microspheres. July 2004 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
16 Dr. Manish Sharma Evaluation of water uptake potential of polyvinyl alcohol based terniery hydrogels. May 2005 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
17 Dr. Jyoti Shrivastava Studies on enzymatic degradation of polymeric blends of starch and natural polymers. August 2005 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
18 Dr. Jyoti Choubey Studies on controlled release of some representative drugs from gelatin biopolymeric nanoparticles. July 2005 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
19 Dr. Abhilasha Mishra Preparation and characterization of biocompatible carboxy methyl cellulose based ionic hydrogel and kinetic study of water sorption and antibiotics release. October 2005 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
20 Dr. Sushma Mishra Effect of chemical composition of alginate based binary polymeric blends on release kinetics of potassium nitrate.  October 2005 Dr Jaya Bajpai Dr A.K.  Bajpai
21 Dr. Seema Dubey Studies on pH sensitive polymeric hydrogels for site specific DD to the tract.   2005 Dr. S. K. Bajpai  
22 Dr. Sutanjay Saxena Studies on natural polysaccharide based enzymaticaly degradable hydrogels for colon targeted drug delivery   2005 Dr. S. K. Bajpai  
23 Dr. Sangeeta Rajvaidya Development of gelatin based hard biopolymeric materials: synthesis and structurel mechanical study. July 2006 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
24 Dr. Shefali Mishra Synthesis of some biocompatible polymeric interpenetrating networks structural and mechanical characterization. August 2006 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
25 Dr. Raghvendra Singh A study on hydroxyapatite formation on poly vinyl alcohol based semi interpenetrating polymer networks. August 2006 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
26 Dr. Shilpi Mishra Kinetics of Disintegration of Pesticides in Crop and ExperimentalAnimal Relatives to Toxicology Parameters.   2006 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
27 Dr Neeraj Dixit   Synthesis of block copolymers of hydrophobic and hydrophilic monomers. October 2007  Dr Anjali Bajpai  
28 Dr. Sanjana Kankane Preparation and characterization of gelatin and poly (2- hydroxyl ethyl methacrylate) based biomaterials and evaluation of water sorption and in vitro blood compatibility. December 2007 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
29 Dr. Rajesh kumarSaini Polyvinyl alcohol based biocompatible macromolecular network and their water sorption study. May 2007 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
30 Dr. S. Jhonson Removal of some toxic metal ions from aqueous solution by their sorption in to regenerating super absorbent hydrogels.   2007 Dr. S. K. Bajpai  
31 Dr. S. Sharma  Investigation of swelling and drug release behaviour of Of some polysaccharides based hydrogel beads as colon specific drug delivery system.   2007 Dr. S. K. Bajpai  
32 Dr. Leena Vinyl monomers based porous hydrogel systems: synthesis, characterization & preliminary drug delivery studies.   2007 Dr. Manjula Bajpai  
33 Dr Shilpa Shrivastava   Synthesis and characterization of block copolymers with amphiphilic blocks. October 2008  Dr Anjali Bajpai  
34 Dr. Leena Rai Removal of toxic metal ions from aqueous solution by adsorption on to yeast- gelatin chitosan microspheres. July 2008 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
35 Dr. Anamika Roy Slw release of Insectisides from naturally occurring biopolymeric microspheres.  July 2008 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
36 Dr. HemlataBundela Development of Hydroxyapatite Impregnated Polymers As Biocompatible Composites For Bone Substitutes June 2008 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
37 Dr. R.Tankhiwale Polysaccharide based polymeric hydrogel beads : synthesis, characterization and drug delivery applications   2008 Dr. S. K. Bajpai  
38 Dr. Leena Sharma Vinyl monomers based porous hydrogel systems: synthesis, characterization & preliminary drug delivery studies.   2008 Dr. S. K. Bajpai  
39 Dr. Harpreet Kaur Synthesis, Characterization and Biological activity of some Ruthenium DMSO complex derivatives with Biologically active Heterocyclic ligands December 2008 Dr S N Shukla Dr P Gaur
40 Dr Preeti Choudhary  Synthesis and characterization of block copolymers with rigid and flexible blocks July 2009  Dr Anjali Bajpai  
41 Dr. Raje Chouhan Study of swelling dissolution control release of antibioticandantitumordrugs from poly(2 hydroxy ethyl methacrylate based nanoparticles.   2009 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
42 Dr. Somnath Soni Studies on synthesis characterization and properties of poly vinyl alcohol based poly aniline impregnated composites. May 2009 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
43 Dr. Abhishek Pathak Investiigation of sorption behaviour of urea into cu(II) Immobilized porous polymeric materials.   2009 Dr. S. K. Bajpai  
44 Dr.  Pamila Gupta Studies on synthesis, characterization & antibacterial activity of metal nanoparticles loaded cotton fabric   2009 Dr. Manjula Bajpai  
45 Mahender Prasad Studies on Reactivity of some Ruthenium complexes with Biologically active Schiff Bases Aug  2009 Dr P. Gaur Dr S N Shukla
46 Dr. Rashmi Gupta Studies on vinyl polymer based iron oxide nanocomposites. October 2010 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
47 Dr. Laxmi Prasad Bagri Studies on enzymatic degradation and drug release behavior of some starch based polymer blends. October 2010 Dr Jaya Bajpai  
48 Dr. Rachna Sancha Studies on Clay Containing Nano Composites Of Polyvinyl Alcohol Based Interpenetrating Polymer Network. December 2010 Dr Jaya Bajpai Dr A.K.  Bajpai
49 Dr. M. Namdeo Synthesis, characterization and application of magnetic poymer nanocomposites in immobilization and release of Bioactive materials.   2010 Dr. S. K. Bajpai  
50 Dr. M.  Armo Magnetically driven ion-exchange resins for removal of certain toxic metal ion from aqueous solution.   2010 Dr. S. K. Bajpai  
51 Dr. V. K. Rohit Application of chemically modified  sawdust as an ion- exchanging material for removal of some toxic ions from water.   2010 Dr. S. K. Bajpai  
52 Dr. G. Mary Chemical modification of silk and cotton fibre through graft-co-polymerization and incorporation of metal ions for antimicrobial applications.   2010 Dr. S. K. Bajpai  
53 Dr. V. Thomas Studies on synthesis, characterization & antibacterial activity of metal nanoparticles loaded hydrogels   2010 Dr. S. K. Bajpai  
54 Dr.Ripul Mehrotra Studies on Reaction of some Ruthenium Sulfoxide complexes with N-Containing Heterocyclic Ligands, used as Spacer January 2010 Dr S N Shukla  
55 Dr. P S Tiwari Studies on Reaction of Thiocyanato Bridged Bimetallic Lewis Acid with Biological Active Pyrazoline Schiff Bases  June  2010 Dr S N Shukla Dr P Gaur
56 Dr. Priyanka Agrawal Evaluation of Iron Oxide Based Biopolymer Nanocomposites as Potential Adsorbents for Removal of Toxic metal Ions from Aqueous solution May 2011 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
57 Dr. Mrs. Smarika Lal Studies on the removal of fluoride ion by adsorption on nanoparticles of certain natural polymers.  June 2011 Dr Jaya Bajpai  
58 Dr. Mrs. Amita Chhatri Preparation and characterization of polysaccharide based cryogel blends and study of their biological properties. October 2011 Dr Jaya Bajpai  
59 Dr. S.P. Saggu Studies on mono & diprotic acid containing polymeric hydrogels -Synthesis, characterization and drug delivery application.   2011 Dr. S. K. Bajpai  
60 Dr Mona Markam   Synthesis and characterization of functional polymers from renewable resource based dimer acid September 2012  Dr Anjali Bajpai  
61 Dr. Mrs. Deepti Deshpandey Synthesis and characterization of vinyl polymer based macromolecular architectures: water sorption, biocompatibility and mechanical studies. August 2012 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
62 Dr. Seeta Shukla Studies on Calcium Salt reinforced Poly-(2-Hydroxyethyl-methacrylate) Based Nanocomposites March 2012 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
63 Dr. Shweta Likhitkar Iron Oxide Impregnated Starch Nanoparticle in Magnetically Controlled Drug Delivery. April 2012 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
64 Dr. Priyanka Singh Studies on Removal of Arsenic Ions from Simulated water samples using polysaccharide based nanoparticles. May 2012 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
65 Dr. Ram Gulam Mehlonia Development of polypyrole based nanocomposites as radiation shielding materials. March 2012 Dr Jaya Bajpai  
66 Dr. Mrs. Neelam Rai Sorptive removal of some potential drugs from simulated waste water using plain & chemically modified sawdust as sorbent   2012 Dr. Manjula Bajpai  
67 Dr. Sheela Mathew Studies on reaction of some Bimetallic Selenocyanate Lewis acid with Schiff base Ligands. July 2012 Dr S N Shukla Dr P Gaur
68 Dr.Mamta Prasad Synthesis, Characterization and Biological activity of some Ruthenium Sulphoxide derivatives coupled with N containing ligand September 2012 Dr S N Shukla  
69 Dr Neha Tripathi Synthesis of Environment Friendly Polymers October 2013  Dr Anjali Bajpai  
70 Dr. Sangeeta Jain Preparation, Characterization and evaluation of Biomedical Utility of Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) based Networks. February 2013 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
71 Dr. SumanPrabhakar Polysaccharide Based Interpenetrating Polymer Networks (IPNs) and Evaluation of Water Sorption and Drug Release Behaviour. September 2013 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
72 Dr. V.Chaursiya Polysaccharides based antibacterial films : Synthesis charecrization and application   2013 Dr. S. K. Bajpai  
73 Dr. A Jain Sorptive Removal of inorganic and organic toxins from simulated water samples using spent tes leaves (STL) as sorbent   2013 Dr. S. K. Bajpai  
74 Dr. Mousami Bhoumic Investigation of absorptive removal of some antibiotic drugs from simulated water samples by polymeric sorbents.   2013 Dr. S. K. Bajpai  
75 Dr. Archana Dubey Studies on complexes of some chloro Ruthenium sulphoxide bipyridyl derivatives with suitable ligands October 2013 Dr S N Shukla  
76 Dr. Rinkesh Bhatt Peparation and Characterization of Polydiaminonapthalene Doped Polyvinyl alcohol Films. September 2014 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
77 Dr. GurvindarKaur mam Preparation, Characterization and Drug Release Study of Polysaccharide Based Nanoparticle. December 2014 Dr Jaya Bajpai  
78 Dr. R.Lodhi Synthesis, charecrization and antimicrobial applications of sago starch based packaging films   2014 Dr. S. K. Bajpai  
79 Dr. S. Shreewastav Sorptive Removal of   organic toxins using polymer charcoal composite materials.   2014 Dr. S. K. Bajpai  
80 Rajeshwari Tripathi (M.Phil) Preparation Characterization and Evaluation of Hydrophilic Properties of Poly (Vinyl Alcohol)-Starch Blends and Impregnation of ZnO nanoparticles October 2015 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
81 Dr, Usha Soni Studies on Removal of Phenols From synthetic Effluents Using Polysaccharide Based Nanoparticles December 2015 Dr Jaya Bajpai  
82 Arti Vishwakarma (M.Phil) Preparation,Characterization and Water intake Behavior of PVA- Am Based Semi-IPNs October 2015 Dr Jaya Bajpai  
83 Dr. Manika Mahendra Polymers and their metal composites for environmental application   2015 Dr. S. K. Bajpai  
84 Dr. P.A. Das Synthesis, characterization and drug release  applications of potential antibiotic drug loaded polymer-grafted natural polymers   2015 Dr. S. K. Bajpai  
85 Dr. P. Tiwari Evaluation of various isotherm models and thermodynamics parameters for water vapor sorption by food protein and polysaccharides   2015 Dr. S. K. Bajpai  
86 Dr. Dinesh Kumar Gautam Regenerated cellulose based biopolymers for biomedical applicatios   2015 Dr. Manjula Bajpai  
87 Dr. Nidhi Rai Synthesis, Characterization and Biological activity of Cd(II), Zn(II) and Hg(II) complexes of Sulphur containing ligands and their application in nanoparticle synthesis. June  2015 Dr S N Shukla Dr P Gaur
88 Dr. Archana Chaturvedi Synthesis and Characterization of PVA Based Cryogel Metal Nanocomposites and Study of Biocompatible, Mechanical and Antibacterial Behaviour September 2016 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
89 Dr. Raineesh Kumar Sharma Fabrication of Polysaccharide Based Superabsorbent Nanocarriers for Application in Agriculture Fields September 2016 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
90 Dr. Anamika Singh Synthesis and Characterization of Controllable size Magnetic Nanoparticles of Metal Oxide containing Biopolymer and Evaluation of Their Drug Release Potential September 2016 Dr A.K.  Bajpai  
91 Dr. Jai Prakash Gupta Synthesis, Characterization and Biological activity of Some Schiff base complexes of Palladium. April 2016 Dr S N Shukla Dr P Gaur