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Designation  Name
Principal & Chief Controller  Dr. A. L. Mahobia
Controller of Exams  Dr. Kartik Ghosh
Deputy Controller  Dr.G.R.K.Sahu
Assistant Controller  Dr. S. K. Dubey
Assistant Controller  Dr. Sheela Mathews
Assistant Controller  Dr. Meenakshi Kapoor
Assistant Controller Prof.S. K. Nage
Assistant Controller Dr. Vibha Choudhary

Our motives :The Draft document of National Policy on Education 1986 (N P E) contains the following recommendations regarding evaluation process and examination reforms.

  1. The examination system should ensure a method of assessment that is a valid and reliable measure of the student’s development. It should also be used as a powerful instrument for improving teaching and learning.
  2. The examination should be employed to bring about qualitative improvements in education.
  3. The education process should be such that it is possible to ensure continuous and comprehensive education that incorporates both the scholastic and the non-scholastic aspects of education, spread over the total span of instructional time. The process should also help to introduce desired changes in instructional materials and methodology.The college is working under Autonomy Scheme of the U G C Since 1990.Examination Consists of
    • Two Semester Exams per session.
    • Internal assessment through CCE (continuous comprehensive evaluation)
    • The examination carrying  weightage of 70% of theory marks both at UG and PG level.
    • Practical examination conducted semester-wise at the UG and PG level.
    • Field works / project work at UG and PG level
    • Job Oriented Project / Dissertation in the Third- semester of PG.
  4. Evaluation of examinees is done under continuous evaluation scheme at degree as well as PG level.

NOTE : Examinations and other activities Time Table displayed on notice-board suitably before the commencement of exams. Students are advised to note the same from the college notice-board

Gold Medals and Sponsoring Persons

Gold Medal established in Memory of … Sponsored by … Eligibility …
1 Late Pandit Khayali Ram Ayachi Dr. Akhilesh Ayachi Mrs. Bharati ayachi Highest Marks in Faculty of Bioscience M.Sc.
2 Late Vimlendu Shrivastava Dr. R. K. Shrivastava Mr. Sangeeta Shrivastava Highest Marks Scored in B.Sc. and M.Sc. Environment Science
3 Late Prof. G. Subbarao Mr. Narayan Rao Highest Marks Scored in B.Sc. and M.Sc. Geology (Three Medals)
4 Late Raj Kumar Vallabh Das Agrawal Dr. P. D. Agrawal Mrs. Sheel Agrawal Highest Marks Scored in M.Sc. Botany
5 Late Dr. Sameer Bose Dr. Bareen Bose Highest Marks Scored in M.Sc. Chemistry
6 Late Malati Anand Gupta Prof. Ms. Indu Gupta Highest Marks Scored in M.Sc. Environment Science
7 Late Laxmi Bai Pateria Mrs. Chandraprabha Pateria Highest Marks Scored in M.Sc. Environment Science
8 Late Kamla Devi Mishra Prof. P. K. Mishra Highest Marks Scored in M.Sc Geology
9 Late Bharat Bhushan Channi Prof. R. K. Channi Highest Marks Scored in M.Sc Physics
10 Late Narmada Prasad Chapra Dr. R. K. Chapra Shri Puneet Chapra Highest Marks Scored in M.Sc Zoology
11 Late Prof. V. K. Handa Shri Rajesh Handa Highest Marks Scored in M.Sc Mathematics
12 Late B. L. Palan Dr. H. B. Palan Highest Marks Scored in M.Sc (First Position)
13 Late Prof. M. L. Paliwal Mrs. Tara Paliwal Highest Marks Scored in B.Sc (First Position)
14 Late Gaura Bai Gupta Dr. D. S. Gupta Dr. Kalpana Gupta Highest Marks Scored in B.Sc Biochemistry
15 Late Sandhya Bhattacharya Prof. Ms. Shubhra Bhattacharya Highest Marks Scored in B.Sc Botany
16 Late Tarak Nath Banerjee Prof. B. R. Banerjee Highest Marks Scored in B.Sc Electronics
17 Late Harish Chandra Sharma Dr. Mrs. Archana Bajpai Shri Anil Kant Bajpai Highest Marks Scored in B.Sc Microbiology
18 Late Shanti Dev Dhagat Dr. N. B. Dhagat Highest Marks Scored in B.Sc Physics
19 Late S. B. Parekh Dr. Magan Bhai Patel Highest Marks Scored in B.Sc Geology
20 Late S. N. Singh Choudhary Shri Pushpraj Singh Choudhary Highest Marks Scored in B.Sc Mathematics
21 Late Yamuna Nand Kishore Dubey Dr. K. K. Dubey Mrs. Shashi Kiran Dubey Highest Marks Scored in B.Sc Zoology
22 Late Bhanu Pratap Singh Shri Tilak Raj Singh Smt. Rajeshwari Singh Highest Marks Scored in B.Sc Second Year
23 Late Dr. H. L. Mahalaha Prof. H. B. Palan Best Presentation of Seminar in M.Sc. Chemistry
24 Late Byomkesh Ganguly Shri Bhaskar Ganguly Highest Marks Scored in B.Sc. First Year
25 Late Mataprasad Shukla Shri Alok Shukla Highest Marks Scored in B.Sc. First Year in FC
26 Late S. C. Bhattacharya Dr. Smt. Anupama Ganguly Best Student of the College
27 Late Dr. V.N. Dalela Dr. Anil Kumar Dalela /Smt Anjna Dalela Highest Score in BSc. Degree with Computer Science
28 Late. Sushila Devi Shrivastava Dr. Sudhir Kumar Shrivastava / Dr. Geeta Shrivastava Highest Score in BCA Degree
29 Late. Dr. Arun Asthana Thakur Surendra Singh,  Alumnai Highest Score in BSc Degree with Military Science


Under Graduate (Bachelor of Science) Toppers of the College (Autonomous) :

S.No. Year Name of Topper Group % Marks
1 1994 Sudeep MA PH EL 83.3
2 1995 Pratima Sharma MA PH EL 84.0
3 1996 Arul Marry Joseph MA PH EL 84.5
4 1997 Neha Awasthy MA PH EL 84.9
5 1998 Ashu Arora MA PH EL 84.7
6 1999 Padmavati Rao MA PH EL 82.8
7 2000 Seema Bisht MA PH EL 84.7
8 2001 Pooja CH ES ZO 84.2
9 2002 Sonali Bagchi CH BT ZO 83.7
10 2003 Honey Dave CH BT ZO 82.5
11 2004 Rahul Singh Rajput PH CH MA 86.4
12 2005 J. S. Sheeja CH BO ZO 85.1
13 2006 Alankriti Bajpai CH BO ZO 87.8
14 2007 Linesh Mohan Gawle CH BT ZO 85.5
15 2008 Kavita Goyal CH BT ZO 86.0
16 2009 Shailja Khare CS MA PH 84.5
17 2010 Deepna Shrivastava CH BT ZO 83.5
18 2011 Avanish Kumar Shrivastava CH BT ZO 82.8
19 2012 Sachin Kumar Bajpai MA PH EL 77.59
20 2013 Jaideep Namdev MA GE PH 84.27
21 2014 Sourabh Harinkhede MA GE PH 85.11
22 2015  Pushpa Nechlani MA CS GE 88.28
23 2016  Shikha Tiwari MA PH CH 83.63


Post Graduate (Master of Science) Toppers of the College (Autonomous):

SN Year Name of Topper Subject % Marks
1 1992 Rajesh Kumar Vishwakarma Physics 76.83
2 1993 Shilpa Khare Env. Science 82.08
3 1994 Reena Arora Env. Science 80.21
4 1995 Rakesh Kumar Kanojia Geology 77.46
5 1996 Shweta Shukla Physics 78.50
6 1997 Medha Jha Geology 83.83
7 1998 Ruchi Gupta Mathematics 81.83
8 1999 Neelesh Kumar Dwivedi Mathematics 80.22
9 2000 Pushplata Agrawal Mathematics 89.50
10 2001 Sanchari Basu Geology 82.58
11 2002 Anubha Wadhwa Mathematics 86.10
12 2004 Sarita Devi Sengar Mathematics 88.00
13 2005 Ashutosh Soni Mathematics 90.10
14 2006 Neha Shrivastava Physics 87.33
15 2007 Surendra Kumar Garg Mathematics 86.33
16 2007 Vinod Kumar Mishra Zoology 86.33
17 2008 Abhishek Bajpai Mathematics 91.16
18 2009 Priyanka Dubey Physics 84.66
19 2010 Rosemary Janice Zoology 89.18
20 2011 Anil Kumar Rajak Mathematics 86.92
21 2012 Smita Dixit Botany 83.44
22 2013 Jyoti Tiwari Mathematics 90.36
23 2014 Shivam Yadav Geology 86.15
24 2015 Manisha Tiwari Mathematics 92.56
25 2016 Sourabh Harinkhede Mathematics 96.62