Dr. Vineeta Ratoniya

Personal Profile

NAME    Dr. Vineeta Ratoniya
HIGHEST DEGREE Doctor of Philosophy
ADDRESS Plot No. 13 Rajul Township Gill Farm Tilhari Jabalpur M.P.
PHONE 8109138148, 6264608378
EMAIL Vineeta2508@gmail.com


  1. Qualification

2.1 Professional Qualification

Name Programme Institution/University Year of Passing
Master  M.Sc. Biotechnology Rani Durgawati University Jabalpur MP 2010
PhD  Biotechnology Mansarovar Globle University  Sihore Bhopal MP 2024


2.2 Other Qualification

Name Programme Institute/University Year
Master of Philosophy Biotechnology Rani Durgawati University Jabalpur MP 2012





  1. Research Publications
S.No Title Name of Journal / Vol. No. / Issue No. / Page Nos ISSN No. Year of Publication
1. Assesment OF Rhizobacteria  In Chickpea fields Of Bhopal. International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews (IJRAR). Volume10,Issue4 , E-ISSN 2348-1269, P-ISSN-2349-5138 Impact factor 7.17 2023
2. Assesment of IAA producing microorganism in chickpea fields of Bhopal” Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research (JETIR).Volume 10, Issue 10, ISSN-2349-5162, Impact factor 7.95 2023
3. Cytotoxic effect of cypermethrin and neem extract on human lymphocytes Biomedical and pharmacology journal,volume 15(1),p 523-530 ISSN-2393 2022


4.Number of Programmes attended

Status Conference/



Workshop Training program/


National 05 10 NIL
International 03 NIL NIL







  1. Awards/Achievements/Others
S.No Name of the Awards/Achievements/Others Description Organisation Month/ Year
1 Emiritus scientist Prof. S .M. Singh award. Awarded  Emiritus scientist Prof. S .M. Singh award in the field of  biotechnology in 5 days National workshop on 05-09 December 2022. organised by department of zoology and biotechnology government science College Jabalpur and centre for medical mycology Jabalpur M.P. December 2022,

Note: All entries should be of last five years