Dr. Vibha Choudhary

NAME Dr. Vibha Chaudhary
DESIGNATION Assistant Professor
EXPERTISE Electronics
ADDRESS AP- 16 Southcivil line Science College ground Pachpadi Jabalpur
PHONE 9770243360
EMAIL vibhachaudhary11@gmail.com

Professional Qualification

Name Programme Institution/University Year of Passing
PG  M.Sc. G.G. University Bilashpur 2001
Degree B.Sc. Barkatullah University Bhopal 1999
PhD   Pt.R.S.U. Raipur  2008


Articles in Journals

Sl.No Title Name of Journal / Vol. No. / Issue No. / Page Nos ISSN No. Date Published

Seminars/ Conferences/ Symposium

Sl.No. Name of the Conference /Seminar /Symposium Title of the Article Role Type of Program Venue/Place Date
1  Towards knowledge society: Indian experience of globalizations in context of education and social system jk”Vªh; ’kks/k laxks”Bh        21-22 March 2012
2 National symposium on challenges of mineral development in central India, problems and prospects, Jabalpur         6-7 feb 2014
3 Refresher course in physics   RDVV,  JBP     11-28 Feb. 2013

Own MPhil/PhD Thesis

Sl.No. Title Guide Name Institution Status Month Year
1  Theoretical Approach to the fracto-mechanolumiscence of organic and inorganic solids Let. Dr.B.P.Chandra Pt. R.S.U Raipur Awarded 2008

Workshop / Training Programme Attended / Conducted 

Sl.No. Name of the Workshop/FDP/Training programme Name of Organiser Level Date
1 National workshop on science and technology communication     15-21 sep.2013
2 Training programme on sophisticated instrumentation (one week)     17-22 feb. 2014
3 Staff training program on the fo|kfFkZ;ksa ds O;fDrRo fodkl esa euksfoKku dh mi;ksfxrk ,oa f’k{kdksa dh Hkwfedk   25-30 Aug.2014
4 Staff training program on the Approaches for excellence and quality development iin higher education.   15-20 sep. 2014
5 National workshop on science and technology communication and popularization     21-27 sep. 2014
6 Workshop on science communication with focal theme “Science for nation building”     24-28 Feb. 2015
7 Staff training program on the ’kks/k i= ys[ku jk”Vªh; dk;Z’kkyk   16-21 mar. 2015
8 National workshop on science and technology communication and popularization     4-10 Oct. 2015
9 National seminar on Recent Trends in emerging materials     4 Mar. 2016
10 One week workshop on “Engaging Higher Education for social Responsibilities     23-28 Jan 2017
11 Orientation programme RDVV JBP   01-27 feb. 2016


Sl.No Name of the Awards/Achievements/Others Description Organisation Month/ Year