Dr. Shampa Jain

Personal Profile

NAME                                 Dr Shampa Jain
HIGHEST DEGREE            Ph.D.
DESIGNATION                         Professor
ADDRESS                                                                                                                                  Dutt duplex no 3 pachpedi road south civil lines jabalpur                                                                                   
PHONE      9131642013
EMAIL        jshampacool@gmail.com


  1. Qualification

2.1 Professional Qualification

Name Programme Institution/University Year of Passing
Master  M.Sc. Bhopal University Bhopal 1984
PhD Zoology R D University Jabalpur 2001


2.2 Other Qualification

Name Programme Institute/University Year
  NIL nil  


  1. Research Profile

3.1 Projects Completed & Ongoing

Minor/Major Project Title Funding agency & amount  Duration
Minor 1.        Biochemical, Histochemical and Histopathological studies on the effect of Lead Nitrate on the kidney and liver of “Mystus  cavasius”    University Grants Commission CRO Bhopal 2year

3.2 PhD Guidance

Name Title Year of Awarded
Smt. Neelima Bagade: Ethnozoological studies in rural and tribal areas of Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh 2015
Neha Jaiswal: A comparative Limnological study of lentic water bodies of Jabalpur with special reference to fish faunal diversity  


Smt. Judica Kujur: Pollution status of river Banjar and Narmada ecotone at Kilaghat of Mandla with emphasis on plankton and fish fauna  


Deepmala Batham: Biochemical, histochemical and histopathological studies of the effect of lead nitrate and Zinc Sulphate on the kidney and liver of Mystus cavasius       


Zubair Azad Dar: Histological Studies on Oreochromis mossambicus with reference to pesticide (monochrotophos) and heavy metal (Cd).       


Mansoor Mazeed Lone: Toxic Effects induced by sublethal doses of pesticide(chloropyrifos) and herbicide (atrazine) in freshwater fish Ophiocephalus punctatus.  


Sonam Uikey: Physical activity and its role in the development of metabolic syndrome: a cross sectional study in the central zone of Madhya Pradesh 2022
Priyanka jain A study of the effect of freeze storage on the biochemical composition of fresh water fishes 2022
Chhaya Pasi: Study on the bio efficacy of micro nutrient and the plant growth regulators on Lac production. 2023

3.3 Research Publications

S.N. Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Year Page No.


Histopathological and histochemical studies on the stomach of Channa

gachua exposed to sub lethal concentration of methyl parathion.

National Journal of Life sciences, 2(suppl.) 2005 Pp 231-234
2 Effects of methyl parathion on intestine of fish Channa gachua. SCI-FRONTS ISSN :0974-5297 2010 Pp119-122


Therapeutic traditional knowledge of animal products in Bharia tribes of Patalkot valley in Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh, India. Indian J. Trop. Biodiv. 20(2): 2012 pp-139-145



An ethnozoological studies and medicinal values of vertebrate origin in the adjoining areas of Pench national park of Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh, India. Int.J.of Life Sciences, vol 1 (4): 2013 pp-278-283
5 Toxic effects of methyl parathion on the gills of Channa gachua. National Journal of life sciences. Vol. 10(2) 2013 pp-263-265.


Sub-lethal effects of methyl parathion on protein content of different tissues of Channa gachua. Int. J. of life Sciences, Vol. 2(2): 2014 pp-114-118


Study of traditional man –animal relationship in Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh, India. Journal of Global biosciences, Vol. 4(2): 2015 pp-1456-1463


Traditional Use of Domestic Animals among Pradhan Tribes of Chhindwara District of Madhya Pradesh, India. . Int. J. of life Sciences, Vol. 3 (1): 2015 pp-21-26



Relationship between fauna and tribal people and the role of biodiversity conservation special reference of Chhindwara District of

Madhya Pradesh, India.

Chhindwara Shodhodaya Vol. II, ISSN-2395-5297. Vol 2 2015 pp-111-116.


Zootherapy is a traditionally drug discovery conservation special reference of Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh. Sci-fronts

Frontiers of Science ISSN-0974-5297.

2015 pp-79-84


Histochemical response of the certain tissues of fresh water teleost Chhana gachua to toxicity of benzene -hexa chloride. National Journal of Science (national journal of life sciences vol. 12(2) 2015 pp-101-104.


Animal Diversity and ethnozoological aspects among tribes and rural of Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh Chhindwara shodhoday (ISSN-2395-6321). Vol 3 (1) 2016 pp-121-129.


An overview of evolutionary concept, food supplement, growth pattern and diversity of ichthyofauna

in central India.

International journal of applied research 2 (5) 2016 pp-874-879



Ethnozoological practices of arthropod animals by tribes and rural of Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh. World Journal of Pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences. Vol.5, (12) ISSN 2278-




Traditional and Ethnozoological practices by tribes and rural of Chindwara district of Madhya Pradesh. World Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical research Vol.3, (8) ISSN 2455-3301 Aug 2017 pp – 263-268


Effect of Zinc Sulphate on Enzyme Activity of Liver and Kidney In the Fresh Water Fish Mystus cavasius Printing area international research journal Issue -33, vol 3

ISSN 2394 -5303

Sep 2017 pp-049-053


Study of Organo Phasphate insecticide monocrotophos Induced toxicity on Mozabique tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) International journal of zoology and applied Biosciences vol2 Issue 6 ISSN-2455-9571 Dec 2017 pp-356-359



Toxicological Profile and Biochemical analysis of Atrazine Exposed Fish Channa Punctatus: blood Serum Investigation at serial


International journal of zoology and applied biosciences vol -3 Issue

-1 ISSN -2455-9571

Feb 2018 pp-110-115



Histochemical studies on the liver and intestine of Oreochromis mossambicus (Cichlid Fish) induced by Cadmium Sulphate. International Journal of Current research in life science

ISSN No.: 2319-9490

Vol-7 No. 03

March 2018 pp 1397-1402


Histopathological alterations in the intestine of fish Channa punctatus exposed to sublethal concentration of atrazine International journal of zoology and applied biosciences vol -3 Issue

-2; ISSN -2455-9571

2018 pp 174-177



Physical activity yoga and its effects on metabolic syndrome in central zone Madhya Pradesh International Journal of applied and universal research

Vol V; Issue II ISSN: 2395-0269


-April 2018

pp 3-7



Histopathological alterations in the stomach of freshwater fish Channa punctatus under Chlorophyrifos toxicity Trends in Fisheries Research- an international peer- reviewed journal Vol 7, Issue 3 2018 96-101


Effects of lead nitrate on the histology of Liver of fresh water breathing Teleost Mystus cavasius Journal of Global Biosciences

ISSN 2320 – 1355

2018 Vol 7 Number pp.5363-5368


Effects due to sub-lethal exposure of Zinc Sulphate on liver of Mystus cavasius fish in fresh water: A

histological study.

Asian Journal of pharmacy and Pharmacology


2018 pp 715-718



Acute toxicity impact of Cadmium Sulphate on behaviour and histopathological changes in Liver of Oreochromis mossambicus( Chichlid) International Journal of Current Research in Life Sciences vol 7 no. 3

ISSN: 0976-3031

2018 pp 1397-1402


Study of Lipid profiles and Body Mass Index of humans of central zone Madhya Pradesh International journal of applied and universal research EISSN: 2395-

0269 vol 5 Issue 1

2018 Pp 24-27



Role of traditional knowledge for betterment of mankind: special reference of religious belief and practices of fauna in Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical science Vol 8, Issue 3

ISSN 2278-4357

2019 1485-1495



Prototype to minimize the freeze storage effect on the nutritive value of fishes of high commercial value Journal of Interdisciplinary Cycle Research vol XIII, Issue. IV

ISSN: 0022-1945

2021 pp 2165-2177


Study of the comparative effect of Frozen Storage on the Microbial Profile of the Muscle of Fresh Water Fishes 0f High Commercial value Journal of Advanced Scientific Research ISSN: 0976-9595 2021 Pp 283-287



Study on the Bio Efficacy of Micro- Nutrients on Lac Production Journal of Entomology and Zoology Studies 2022;10(5):

E-ISSN:2320-7078 P-ISSN:2349-6800

2022 Pp 147-151





Survival of Lac Insect on Nutrient Managed Pigeon pea. International Journal of Chemical Studies 2022;10(6): 33-36 2022 Pp 33-36


Effect Of Frozen Storage on Nutritive Value of Some Fresh Water Fishes. International Conference On” Recent Advances in Research and Innovation in Life Sciences.” 2022 Oral presentation
33 Histochemical Changes Induced by Zinc Sulphate in The Fresh Water Teleost: Mystus cavasius. Sci Fronts “Frontiers of Science “Vol.17 January 2023. January 2023 31-35

Number of Programmes attended

Status Conference/



Workshop Training program/


National 25 10 09
International 4


Sl..No Name of the Awards/Achievements/Others Description Organisation Month/ Year
01 NSS Award NSS Programme Officer Award M P State Gov. Bhopal September 2018


In charge of committee Members of committee Duration
Zoology Major B Sc 1 year Admission –   ————- 8 months


Swami Vivekanand Career Guidance cell  1 year
NAAC   Criterion 6 8 months
BSc /BCA I And II Year supplementary exam Dec. 2023 12 days

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