Dr. R.K. Srivastava

Name Dr. R.K. Srivastava
Degree M.Sc. M.Phil. Ph.D
Occupation Associate Professor – Environmental Science
Expertise Environmental Pollution
Address Department of Env. Sci. , Govt. Science College Jabalpur (M.P.)
Phone Deptt – 0761-2629645

0761-2678737 (o)  M- 9425389189

Email Srivastavaratna61@gmail.com


Professional Qualification

Degree Institution/University Year of Passing
B.Sc.  A.P.S. University, Rewa . M.P. 1979
M.SC. A.P.S. University, Rewa . M.P. 1981
M.Phil  A.P.S. University, Rewa . M.P. 1982
Ph.D.  A.P.S. University, Rewa . M.P. 1985


Articles in Journals – 140  Research papers published in national & International research Journal                                           list enclosed (1) 

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Seminars/ Conferences/ Symposium

 Attended more than 75 national & International seminar. Conferences , workshop etc.
Organized National conferences workshop    – 4


Foreign Visits – Visited Mongolia, National University of Mongolia under Indo Mongolian Academic Exchange Programme of Govt. of India- 01-04-2006- to 18-04-2006

Ph. D. Scholars Guided:  Research Scholars Awarded Ph.D. Degree – 20, List enclosed (2)

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Awards/ Achievements: Awarded Environmentalist of the year award by National                                                                          Environmental Science Academy. Award Presented at National                                                                 Conference Chandigarh 16-18 Sept 2006    


Enclosure (1)

List of Publications of Dr. R.K. Srivastava Assoc. Prof. Env. Sc.

Environmental Research Laboratory

Department of Botany & Environmental Science



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Enclosure (2)


Government Science College, Jabalpur
List of research scholars awarded Ph. D. Degree in Environmental Science
S. No. Name Title of Thesis Year of Award Supervisor Co-Supervisor
1 Ms. Kalpana Sagar Diurnal And Seasonal Variabilities Of Particulate Pollutant And Air Quality In Jabalpur. 2016 Dr. R. K.Srivastava Dr. Gufran Beig
2 Ms. Shampa Sarkar Distribution of ozone and its precursors over the tropical station, Jabalpur. 2016 Dr. R. K.Srivastava Dr. Gufran Beig
3 Mr. Sanjay Tiwari Ecological studies of Sangram Sagar reservoir at Jabalpur (M.P.) 2016 Dr. R. K.Srivastava
4 Ms. Neelima Roy Varmicomposting by Pathenium hysterophorus, Impmea auatia, Eichhornia crassipes and Pistia stratiotes and it’s effect on biochemical and morphological parameters on Withania somnifera and Octimum sanctum. 2016 Dr. R. K.Srivastava
5 Ms. Vidhi Jain Environmental status studies in an industrial area of Jabalpur. 2015 Dr. R. K.Srivastava
6 Ms. Anamika Singh  Effect on coal mining air pollution related health impacts on coal mine workers with special reference to respiratory problems. 2015 Dr. K.K. Dubey Dr. R. K.Srivastava
7 Ms. Deepti Pandey Evaluation of ground water quality around Omti Nallah area in Jabalpur and health assessment. 2014 Dr. R. K.Srivastava
8 Mrs. Rajni Pandey tcyiqj ’kgj esa /ofu iznw”k.k dk ikfjokfjd LokLF; ij izHkko ,d v/;;uA 2013 Dr. R. K.Srivastava Dr. Sobhna Jogi
9 Ms. Shilpa Bhasin Environmental impact assessment studies of waste slurry disposal of Katni marble mining area of central area. 2013 Dr. R. K.Srivastava
10 Prof. Alok Shukla Hydrobiological studies of water reservoir of Bahariband (Koodan) Distt, Katni (M.P.) with special reference to Plankton diversity. 2011 Dr. R. K.Srivastava
11 Ms. Bazgha Athar Studies on differential responses of interstitial faunal diversity to Narmada River water quality at different point sources. 2010 Dr. R. K.Srivastava
12 Mrs. Nirmala Panday  Studies on the Bio-Medical waste generation and disposal in Rewa city and its comparison with Jabalpur city. 2010 Dr. R. K.Srivastava
13 Ms. Rajsree Sarkar  Studies on air pollution status of Jabalpur city. 2010 Dr. R. K.Srivastava
14 Mrs. Seema Srivastava Ecological studies of river Gaur with special reference to water quality monitoring. 2008 Dr. R. K.Srivastava
15 Ms. Purnima Beohar  Study on waste management by vermiculture ecofriendly technology in Jabalpur region. 2006 Dr. R. K.Srivastava
16  Ms.  Vandana Raghuvanshi Utilization of low cost adsorbents for rectifying water quality. 2004 Dr. R. K.Srivastava Dr.A.K.Ayachi
17 Mr. Anoop Sen  Studies on the effects of waste discharges form Gelatin Factory at Bhedaghat (Jabalpur) M.P. 2004 Dr. R. K.Srivastava Dr.A.K.Ayachi
18 Ms. Vandana Sehgal Pollutants removal from waste water by utilization of waste materials. 2003 Dr. R. K.Srivastava Dr.A.K.Ayachi
19 Ms. Mona Mishra Utilization of the waste materials to improve the quality of effluents. 2002 Dr. R. K.Srivastava Dr.A.K.Ayachi
20 Ms. Monica Pandya Study on Noise pollution and its effect on human health at Jabalpur city Madhya Pradesh. 2000 Dr. R. K.Srivastava