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Name Programme Institution/University Year of Passing
UG B.Sc. R.D.V.V. Jabalpur 1976
PG M.Sc. (Botany) R.D.V.V. Jabalpur 1978
Ph.d. Botany R.D.V.V. Jabalpur 1983



S. No. Title Name of Journal/Vol.No./Issue No./Page Nos ISSN No. Date Published
1 Biodegradation of Obnoxious weeds through vermicomposting for ecological balance and sustainable human livelihood security Journal of Multi disciplinary Research in Rural Development   2017
2 Studies on vermicomposting of obnoxious vegetations Anusandhan   2017
3 Degradation of biological wastes through vermicomposting for sustainable agriculture. Global Journal of Engineering , Science and Social Studies.   2016
4 Efficient Recycling of obnoxious weed plants Parthenium , water hyacinth , Lantana and Ipomea  


0974-5297 2016
5 Study of pretilachlor degradation by microbes isolated from rice field of Jabalpur region International Journal of scientific progress and research 2349-4689 2016
6. Potential of cyanobacteria collected from central India against Human pathogenic bacteria invitro. International journal of pharmaceutical science & research vol. 6[9]   2015
7. Interaction between Agaricus campestris the edible mushroom and aspergilius spp. the pathogenic fungus through dual culture technique. JNKVV Re. J 49 (1) 100   2015
8. Interaction between Agaricus campestris the edible mushroom and Aspergilius spp. the pathogenic fungus through dual culture technique. JNKVV Re. J 49 (1) 100   2015
9. Production of protease inhibitors from cynobacteria nutrient dependent companion of protease inhibitors activities in three species of Oscillatoria isolated from central India. IntAquat. Reo. Vol.[6]211   2014
10 Optimization of chitinase enzyme from Cercospora sps. Life Science Bulletin vol.11[1]:21   2014
11 Ethno medicinal plants in the tradition of Prophet Mohammed -prophetic medicine. Anusandhan   2014
12 Isolation of microorganism from Rice field of Jabalpur region. Annals of experimental Biology [2013]vol.[1]215   2013
13 Bioassay method to identify the presence of cyanotoxin in drinking water supplies & their removal strategies. European journal of Experimental biology vol.2[2] 321   2012
14 Clinical mycological profile and invitro sensitivity of superficial mycosis in Jabalpur,central India. Asian Jr.of micromol. Biotech. Env.Sci. Vol. 13   2011



S.No. Name of the conference/Seminar/symposium Title of the articles Venue/place Date
1 National workshop (staff  training programme) Engaging Higher Education  for Social Responsibilities Govt. Science College Jabalpur. M.P. 23 Jan to 28 Jan 2017
2 National Seminar Paryavaran Sanrakshan ke Paramparagat aur Vaigyanic  Dhrishtikon Govt. Narmada P.G. college Hoshangabad. M.P. 19 Nov. 2016
3 4th International Conference Recent Trends in Research and higher education IC-RTRHE- 2016 Navyug  Arts and Commerce College civil lines Jabalpur 12 Nov. to 14 Nov. 2016
4 National workshop Science and Technology communication and popularization Gyan Vigyan Sangathan Mahakaushal Vigyan Parishad and Govt .Science college Jabalpur. 3 Nov. to 9 Nov. 2016
5 National Seminar Shodh Pravidhi; Vartaman Paridhrishya evam Chunautiyan Govt. Mahakaushal Arts and Commerce autonomous college Jabalpur. M.P. 26 March to 27 March 2016
6 National Conference Impact of global warming on biodiversity and its conservation: present status and future strategy. Department of Botany, N.S.C.B. Govt. Girls College Seoni. M.P. 6 March to 7 March 2016
7 National Seminar “Recent Trends in Emerging Materials” Deptt. of Physics Govt. Model Science College, Jabalpur


4th March 2016
8 National Science Day Celebration National Workshop on Science and Technology Commutation Focal theme-make in India: Science and Technology Drive in Innovations Govt. Model Science College and Mahakaushal Vigyan Parishad. Catalyzed and supported by MPCOST, Bhopal. 24-29th Feb. 2016
9 National Workshop “Use of Lantana to Make Utility Articles; Employment Generation and Biodiversity Conservation in Forest” Mata Gujri Mahila Maha Vidyalaya (Auto) Civic Centre, Jabalpur.


26th Oct. to 1st Nov. 2015
10 National Workshop “Science and Technology Communication and Popularization” Govt. Model Science College and Mahakoushal Vigyan Parishad and Catalyzed and Supported by MPCOST Deptt. of Atomic Energy Govt. of Mumbai. 4-10th Oct. 2015
11 National Seminar Biodiversity of Medicines & Aromatic Plants with Respect to its collection Conservation & Characterization . G.D. College of science and technology Bhilai 4920024, C.G., India


28-29 Jan, 2015
12 National Seminar Recent Trends in the Thrust Areas of life Sciences Shri Guru Teg Bahadur Khalsa College, Jabalpur


10th & 11th Jan 2015
13 Workshop Techniques in life science in socio economic development M.P. Higher Education.


22-28th Dec. 2014
14 National Workshop Science and technology   21st – 27th Sept. 2014.


15 Training Programme Instrumentation and modern techniques in biology. Deptt. of Zoology of Biotechnology, Govt. M.H., College, Jabalpur.


22nd March to 28th March 2014
16 Workshop Clay Modeling Deptt. of zoology, Govt. M.H. College, Jabalpur


25 to 26.09.13
17 National workshop Science and technology communication Mahakaushal Vigyan Parishad, Govt. Model Science College, Jabalpur.


15th Sept. to 21st Sept. 2013
18 Training Programme


Instrumentation and Biotechnological Techniques Deptt. of Zoology & Biotechnology, Govt. M.H. College, Jabalpur 18th to 24th March, 2013
19 National Seminar Management of Work Govt. P.G. College, Narsingpur.


16-17 March 2013
20 13th National APIC Congress.


All India poets and conference   23-24-25 Feb. 2013,
21 National Workshop Developing Microbiological tools and techniques Mata Gujri College, Sponsored by U.G.C.


20-21 Feb. 2013
22 National Seminar Biodiversity, Conservation Environment and Resources Management. D.P. Chaturvedi Arts & Commerce Science College, Seoni (M.P.)


19-20 Jan 2013
23 XXXV Indian Botanical Conference and National Symposium Role of Plant and Microbes the Betterment of Mankind in Changing Climate. Deptt. of Botany The Maharaja Sayaji Rao University, Baroda Univ. Gujarat. 8-10 Dec. 2012
24 National Workshop


Empowerment of Tribal Women in Mahakoushal Region of Madhya Pradesh R. D.V.V. and Indian Council of Social Science Research New Delhi. 13-14 Jan 2012
25 National Seminar Emerging Issues in Environment Management Govt. M.K.B.C., Jabalpur. 22nd & 23rd Dec. 2011
26 XXXIV All India Botanical Conference   Deptt. of Botany University of Lucknow (U.P.) 10-12 Oct. 2011
27 National workshop


“Play activities for childhood period in different developmental areas” Deptt. of Human Development Govt. (A) M.H. College of Home Science for Women, Jabalpur. 2-4 Sept. 2011


S. No. Title Guide name Institution
1. ‘’Physiological studies on myrothecium rot of tomato fruit” Dr.R.C.Rajak Department of Biological Science, R.D.V.V.


P.hD. Guided

S. No. Name of the Scholars    
1. Uttam  Bisen Awarded  
2.  Reshma Parveen Awarded  
3. Femina Sobin Awarded  
4.  Chanda Patel Awarded  
5. I.P. Kori Awarded  
6. Sulekha Yadav Awarded  
7. Mrs. Geeta Choubey Ph.d. Ongoing  
8. Mr. Ramesh Amale Ph.d. Ongoing  
9. Mr. Deepak Kori Ph.d. Ongoing  



S.No. Name of Society
1. National Life Sciences
2. Madhya Shetriya Vigyan Parishad
3. Indian Botanical Society, Barellie.
4. Society of Basic and Applied Mycology.
5. Akhil Bhartiya Mahila Parishad.