Dr. Jyoti Shrivastava

Name Dr.Jyoti Shrivastava
Degree M.Sc.,M.Phil, Ph.D.
Occupation Professor
Expertise Inorganic Chemistry
Address 459-A1, University Road, Pachpedi South Civil Lines Jabalpur
Phone 9424307373
Email jyotilokshri2017@gmail.com


Professional Qualification

Degree Institution/University Year of Passing
B.Sc. Rani Durgawati University Jabalpur 1986
M.SC. Rani Durgawati University Jabalpur 1988
M.Phil Rani Durgawati University Jabalpur 1989
Ph.D. Rani Durgawati University Jabalpur 2006


Articles in Journals

S.No Title Name of Journal / Vol. No. / Issue No. / Page Nos ISSN No. Year Published
1 ‘Coordinative capabilities of Acido Anions in Metal Complexes of isatin & Vanillin derivatives’ Synth React. Inorg. Met. Org. Chem. 22(9) 1283-1293   1992
2 ‘Alpha- Amylase induced enhanced Enzymatic degradation of Binary Polymeric Blends of Cross linked Starch & Gelatin’. Journal of Macromolecular Science, Pure & Applied Chemistry, Vol.A$1, No. 8, p 949-969   2004
3 ‘In vitro enzymatic degradation kinetics of Polymeric Blends of Crosslinked Starch & Carboxymethyl Cellulose’. Polymer International, 54, 1524-1536   2005
4. ‘Studies on alpha amylase induced Degradation of Binary Polymeric Blends of Crosslinked Starch & Pectin’. J. Mater. Sci. Mater. Med., 18, 765-777   2007
5 ‘Air Pollution in Jabalpur City (M.P.) India’. NAGI, Annals, Vol.XXX, No.2, 78-94   2010
6 ‘Urban transformation of Gond Tribes in Chhindwara District of Madhya Pradesh’. Research journal of Environment, Culture & Development. Vol.1, Issue1 2349-3313 2014
7 A Behavioral analysis of iron and silica in iron ore deposits of parts of Mahakoshal & Bejawar region, MP International Journal of Advanced research (IJAR) Res.5(6), 614-629 2320-5407 2017


Books Published

  • ‘Paryavarniya Addhyayan’, Madhya Pradesh Hindi Granth Academy, Bhopal, 2009 (For FC B.A., B.Sc., B.Com., B.H.Sc., III Sem. in M.P. Govt. Hr. Ed.)
  • ‘Paryavarniya Addhyayan’, Madhya Pradesh Hindi Granth Academy, Bhopal, 2009 (For FC B.A., B.Sc., B.Com., B.H.Sc., III & IV Sem. in M.P. Govt. Hr. Ed.)
  • ‘Paryavarniya Addhyayan Avam Prabandhan’, Sharda Pustak Sadan Allahabad.
  • ‘Paryavarniya Addhyayan, Adhar Pathyakram, Madhya Pradesh Hindi Granth Academy Bhopal. (In Press)

Seminars/ Conferences/ Symposium

National Workshops-12
National Seminars-15
National Conferences-08
Staff  Training Programmes-12


Foreign Visits  Nil


Ph. D. Scholars Guided – Nil

Title       Name of Scholar                               Title of Thesis                                     Year


Awards/ Achievements

UGC Minor Research Project 2005 to 2007