Dr. Jayshree Sharma

Name Dr. Smt. Jayshree Sharma
Degree M. Sc. Ph.D
Occupation Professor & Head , Dept. Of Zoology
Expertise Ichthyology (Fisheries) , Aquatic Biology
Address R-L-9, Prem Nagar, Madan Mahal, Jabalpur (M.P)
Phone 9752602706
Email jayshreesharma23@gmail.com


Professional Qualification

Degree Institution/University Year of Passing
B.Sc. Rani Durgawati Vishwavidyalaya , Jabalpur 1977
M.SC. Rani Durgawati Vishwavidyalaya , Jabalpur 1979
Ph.D. Rani Durgawati Vishwavidyalaya , Jabalpur 2001
D.Sc. —– —–
Other —– —–


Articles in Journals

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Seminars/ Conferences/ Symposium

International Seminar – XI Symposium on Vectors and Vector borne diseases from 15-17th October 2011, held at Regional Medical Research Centre for Tribals ,Jbp. ,sponsored by Indian Council of Medical Research, Jabalpur –Poster presentation.
National Seminar – Progress in Life Sciences for Human Welfare , organised at Govt. Model Science College , Jbp on 5-6th Feb 2011 , sponsored by UGC CRO Bhopal.
National Seminar – Wildlife Health and Forensics, organized by M.P. Chikitsa Vigyan Vishwavidyalaya , Jabalpur, Centre for Wildlife Forensics and Health ,15-16th Sept. 2011 , Sponsored by Association of Indian Zoo & Wildlife Veterinarians.
National Seminar – Siksha ke Ajasra Strot Swami Vivekananda, organised by Govt. M.H. college of H.Sc. and Sc., Jbp,16-17th Jan 2013, Sponsored by M.P. Higher Education Bhopal.
National Seminar – Stress and Health Management , Organised at Govt. Auto. Girls PG College of Excellence , Sagar , M.P by Dept. Of Psychology and Home Science , 1-2nd Jan 2013 , Sponsored by UGC –Paper Presentation.
National Seminar – Nat. Congress of Parasitology Organised at Regional Medical Research Centre for Tribals (ICMR) , 27 -29th April 2013 Sponsored by Indian Society of Parasitology and ICMR, Jabalpur.
National Seminar – Frontiers in Modern Biology : From Discovery to Applications, Organised    at St. Aloysius College , Jbp. , Deptt. of Zoology and Botany , 6 -7th September 2013 Sponsored by UGC.
National Seminar – Changing Scenario of the Education System , Organised at Govt. M.H. College of Sc. and H.Sc. for Women , Jbp., 21 -22 February 2014, Sponsored by UGC .
National Seminar – Wildlife Conservation and Management in 21st century, Organised at Hawabagh Women’s College, Jbp., 11-12th February 2015, Sponsored by UGC CRO Bhopal.
National Seminar – Modern Pioneering trends of Environmental Management with reference to Waste Management, Organised by G.D. Rungta College of Science and Technology, Bhilai, C.G., 18 – 19th February 2015, Sponsored by CGOST.
National Seminar – Recent trends in Emerging Materials, Organised at Govt. Model Science College Jbp., Deptt.of Physics , 4th March 2016,Sponsored by Higher Education, Bhopal.
National Conference – AIPC All India Poetess Conference, Organised at Govt. M.H. College of H.Sc. and Sc. for Women, Jabalpur, M.P, Deptt. of Hindi, 23 – 25th February 2013, Sponsored by 13th National  AIPC Congress.
National Conference – Material and Methods for Sustainable Development,Organised at Govt. Model Science College Jbp., Deptt. Of Chemistry, 29 – 30th January 2016, Sponsored by UGC CRO Bhopal – Participation Member of Review Committee.
Workshop – State level Workshop on Molecular Biology (X-PERT Teaching Kits) Organised and sponsored by Himedia Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. Deptt. Of Zoology 20-21st October 2011 at Govt. M.H. College of H.Sc. and Science for Women Jbp.
Workshop – Examination Reforms , organised at Sarojini Naidu Govt. Girls’ PG (Auto.) College Bhopal by Examination Cell 28-29th March 2012 sponsored by UGC CPE Scheme.
Workshop – State level workshop on Clay Modelling organised at Govt. M.H.College of H.Sc and Sc. for Women Jbp, Deptt. Of Zoology. 25-26th September 2013 .
Workshop – JIGYASA National workshop on Science and Technology, organised at Govt. Model Science College Jbp. 21 to 27th Sept. 2014 sponsored by MPCST and DAE Mumbai
Workshop – Research Methodology to ‘’Enhance Statistical Skills’’ organised at Govt. M.H.College Jbp. Deptt. of Food and Nutrition 11-13th November 2014, sponsored by UGC CRO Bhopal.
Workshop – JIGYASA  Nat. Workshop on Science and Technology Communication and Popularisation, organised at Govt. Model Science College Jbp. 04-10 October 2015 sponsored by MPCST & DAE Mumbai .
Workshop – Use of Lantana to make utility articles; Employment generation and Biodiversity conservation in forest’’ 26-01st November, at Mata Gujri Mahila Mahavidyalaya Jbp.,sponsored by MPCST.
Workshop – NATIONAL SCIENCE DAY CELEBRATION,  Science and Technology Communication organised at Govt. Model Science College Jbp. 24-29th February 2016. Sponsored by MPCST Bhopal and Mahakoushal Vigyan Parishad
Training Programme – National Training Programme on DATA COLLECTION : Tools & Techniques for Research, Lecture series , 2 -10th January 2013,  7 days ,Organised at Govt. M.H.College of H.Sc. & Sc. for women Jbp. under  FACULTY DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME by IQAC.
Training Programme – INSTRUMENTATION AND BIOTECHNOLOGICAL TECHNIQUES :18 -24th March 2013, organised at Govt. M.H.College of H.Sc & Sc. Jbp, by Deptt. Of Zoology & Biotechnology in Collaboration with Merck Millipore (Bioscience) Attended  & Organising Committee.
Training Programme – INSTRUMENTATION & MODERN BIOLOGICAL TECHNIQUES : 22-28th March 2014,  7 days , organised at Govt.M.H.College of H.Sc. & Sc. Jbp , by Deptt.of Zoology & Biotechnology. Participation & Organising Committee


Foreign Visits-

Ph. D. Scholars being Guided

S. No. Name of Scholar
1. Deepa Sonkar
2. Rashmi Mahobia
3. Arjun Shukla
4. Shivam Dubey
5. Sandeep Kushwaha
6. Shobha Pardhi
7. Bhoopendra Ahirwar
8. Kratika Singh