Chemistry Deptt.

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Head of Department: Dr. K. S. Dubey

Chemical Society 2013-2018.

       Photos of Chemical Society 2013-2018.

About Department: Chemistry department is the oldest and the biggest department of this College. It came into existence in 1946, when B.Sc. classes with biology combination were started Post graduation in Chemistry was established in 1950. Later Industrial Chemistry was introduced as a subject at UG level in combination with Chemistry and Geology since the session 1990-91. Biochemistry was incepted as an optional subject with a combination of Chemistry and zoology in the session 1999-2000.

Department of Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry and Biochemistry is accommodated in a substantial space in the huge infrastructure of this College. There are spacious, well equipped laboratories, for under graduate as well as postgraduate classes.

The experienced and learned faculty members of this department provide the best possible knowledge and guidance to the students. The departmental Library possesses more than five thousand books and several journals of high academic standard, students are provided with the latest knowledge in the subject with the help of overhead projector and LCD projectors. Computer and Internet facility is available for students and staff.

List of Journals subscribed in Chemistry Department

  1. Current Science
  2. Resonance
  3. Microscopy

The Central Instrumentation Facility Laboratory (CIFL) of the College is also being run by this department. High precision electronic balance, HPLC system, FTIR, UV-Visible and Atomic Absorption spectrophotometers are available in this Laboratory. Recently Desk Top X-Ray Defractometer has been installed in this laboratory.

The department has six research labs equipped with facilities for research work of international standard. Twenty Nine research scholars are working in these laboratories. The quality of research is well evident from the publication of research articles in the national and international journals of repute.

Academic Society:

The academic society of Chemistry comprises postgraduate students as office bearers. The society conducts lectures of eminent professors, scientists and experts of various branches of Chemistry and Computer Science related to Chemistry. The Chemical society also conducts various quiz programmes, model exhibitions, wall chart exhibition, IQ tests related to Chemistry for the PG students of the department. Seminars are conducted by the Chemical society. The members of the society and experts of specialized fields prepare their lectures to guide PG students and their performance is improved through discussions.

The Chemical society is exposing and equating students to newer and current areas of competitiveness. The Chemical society activities help in the overall development of the students and they are highly motivated, well informed and better prepared for their future.

List of some special lectures conducted in the Past years

S. No. Topic Name of the speaker
1. Use of low cost Instrumentation in Chemistry. Dr. S. N. Sharma
2. Detection of Pollutants In air and water. Dr. V. K. Gupta, Ravi Shanker University, Raipur
3. Flow Injection Analysis Dr. K.K. Verma Professor, R.D. University, Jabalpur
4. Use of 13C N M R Spectroscopy in structure elucidation of organic compounds. Prof H. P. Tiwari, Head, Allahabad University.
5. Role of thermodynamics In chemical reactions. Prof.  R. M . Verma, Retired Prof., R.D.University Jabalpur
6. Philosophy of Chemistry Prof J. P. Shukla, Vice chancellor, R.D University Jabalpur
7. Raman Spectroscopy Prof. M.C. Agrawal, H.O.D Chemistry, R.D University, JBP
8. Molecular Structure determination by IR Spectroscopy Prof. K. K. Verma, Chem. Dept., R.D.University Jabalpur
9. Insight of Chemical Kinetics Prof K. K. Mishra, Chem. Dept., R.D University Jabalpur
10. Water Conservation Strategies Shri M. M. Upadhyaya, Commissioner, Jabalpur
11. Scope of small scale industries in Jabalpur Arun Bhatnagar Industrialist.
12. Academic Relevance of Chemical Society Dr. (Mrs.) S. Chatterjee Principal
13. Mass Spectroscopy Dr. H.P. Tiwari Allahabad University, Allahabad.
14. Laser Raman Spectroscopy Dr. Ashutosh Shrivastava, R.D. University, Jabalpur
15. Seperative techniques and spectroscopic characterization of micro samples in aqueous phase Prof. K. K. Verma, R. D. University, Jabalpur.
16. Importance of Electrochemical processes Prof M. C. Agrawal, R. D. University, Jabalpur
17. FTIR Dr. A. M. Ghodgeoankar WRIC, Mumbai.
18. FTNMR Dr. A. M. Ghodgeoankar WRIC, Mumbai.
19. Problems on Conjoint Spectroscopy Dr. K. K. Verma, R.D. University Jabalpur
20. Trace Analysis by GC-MS Dr. K. K. Verma, R.D. University Jabalpur
21. Two days lecture workshop on Frontiers of Chemistry Professors of IIT Kanpur
22. NMR Spectroscopy Prof. P. S. Kalsi, Ludhiana
23. Pericyclic reactions and reaction mechanism Retd. Prof. H. P. Tiwari, HOD Chem. Allahabad University.
24. Carbohydrate Chemistry Prof. Vanker, HOD Chemistry, IIT, Kanpur.
25. Chemistry of Supramolecules Prof. Moorthy, Chem. Dept., IIT, Kanpur.
26. Enzyme Kinetics Prof.  Mukherjee Chem. Dept., IIT, Kanpur.
27. Insight of Structure of Atom Prof. S. Satyamurthy, Chemistry Dept., IIT, Kanpur.
28. Lecture Series organized – 24 lecture delivered by various professors on different topics of chemistry Prof. P.S. Kalsi, Prof. H.P. Tiwari, Prof. Sudhir Limay, Prof. S.N. Gupta

The department has organised many workshops on Low cost instrumentation and conferences on various types of spectroscopy.

A workshop was jointly organised by Chemistry department Govt. Model Science College in collaboration with Western Regional Instrumentation Centre (WRIC), Mumbai University, Mumbai on Maintenance of Laboratory Instruments. In this programme WRIC experts guided 30 participants from Madhya Pradesh and Chattishgarh in working, handling and expertise in maintenance of general Laboratory instruments.  Dr. Arun Kakkar of Chem. Department coordinated this programme.

IANCAS and departments of Chemistry and Physics Govt Model Science College jointly organized a workshop. The workshop comprised of number of lecture by eminent scientists like Dr. V.Venugopal, Dr. V.K.Manchanda, Dr.S.Sabharwal, Dr Neelam Goel and others. The workshop was held from 13th to 21st December 2004 and during 8 days a series of lectures were delivered and experiments was conducted. Dr. A. K. Bajpai organizing secretary of this workshop successfully organized this workshop by active participation and assistance from the staff of Chemistry department,

56 participants attended the workshop from different colleges including both faculty members and students. The workshop was inaugurated by the eminent Geoscientist Dr. G. L. Negi and concluded by the higher authorities of the Dept. of Higher Education, Dr. S.M. Paul Khurana, Vice Chancellor R.D.V.V. Jabalpur, graced  the closing function

The resource persons from BARC also visited neighbouring schools, demonstrated various radioactivity experiments and delivered inspiring and informative lectures to school and College level students.

V.K. Manchanda, Head of Radio Chemistry Department highlighted activities of IANCAS.

The whole workshop was given a wide coverage at national level by media.

Recently a training programme on Radioactivity, Detection techniques and their application was organized in the Chemistry Department with collaboration with BARC, Mumbai on 24-25thMarch 2008. This programme was co-ordinated by Dr. Anil Bajpai.

Educational Tour and Lecture Series

Educational tour was organized during 10 to 20th Aug 2007 in which PG Students of Chemistry and staff members participated. They visited factories of Nasik, Shirdi, Omkareshwar, Tata Institute of Fundamental Science, Mumbai; tour proceeded to Goa where they visited University of Goa, National Institute of Oceanography and Salt Manufacturing Industry. In Pune, the students visited University of Pune and NCL. After touring to Hyderabad the tour returned back to pavilion. Dr. Arun Kakkar coordinated the tour.

Lecture series was organized from 21st to 31st August 07. In this programme 24 lectures were delivered in this lecture series. Dr. Arun Kakkar coordinated the lecture series.

Research facilities available in the Department:

The department is well equipped with infrastructure and requirements for research in polymers synthesis, Natural products, reparative techniques, Chemical Kinetics, Structure Elucidation methods, Drug delivery system etc.

The Department of Chemistry has a rich Library, possessing about 5200 books of high standard. Latest Research journals are also subscribed