Capacity Development and Skill Enhancement Activities

1. Soft Skills

Leadership Qualities and Personality Development Program

Leadership Ability and Personality Development Program

One Week certificate on G.D&P.I. Resume Writing and Cover Letter

Safalta ka Mantra

2. Life Skills 

Importance of Samadhi in Yoga

Pshycological Counselling

Self Defence Programme

Health Awareness Camp

Yoga Traning Camp

Value added Course Imparting Transferabale Life Skills

Picture Competition on Yogasan and its Beneftis

Exhibition Internationl Year of millets

Online Quiz on millets

3. Language and Communication Skill

Literary Activity of Maneesh Sahitya Parisad

Hindi Divas

Educational Tour Hindi

Bharatiya Bhasha Utsav

Educational Tour English

Lecture Series on English Language Skills for Employment

Lecture Series on Hindi kee Adhunik dasha and Disha

Yuva Utsav Speech and Debate Competition


4. Awareness of Trends in Technology

Safalta ka Mantra

Cyber Security

Computer Training WorkShop

Digital Banking camp

Special Talk on Python

Special Talk on Cloud Computing and Cyber Security