Botany Deptt.

Department of Botany, Environmental Science and Microbiology

Head of Department: Dr. Kartik Ghosh

About Department: The Department of Botany came into existence in the year 1946 and B.Sc. classes started in combination with zoology and Chemistry. Post graduate classes in Botany started in the year 1950. The subject Environmental Science was started at post graduate level in the year 1988. Looking to the Popularity of the subject, it was also started at undergraduate level as one combination with Chemistry and Zoology and another with Chemistry and Geology in the year 1991. Teaching of Microbiology subject has also been started in this department at undergraduate level from the year 1999 with Chemistry and Zoology as one combination and Chemistry and Botany in other combination. At present, there are five combinations Programme in B.Sc. with Botany as one subject. Presently teaching facility of Botany, Environmental Science and Microbiology subject are available in this department. The Department has formulated a dynamic and relevant curriculum and endowed with an excellent infrastructure. On the basis of the available record, the history of HOD goes back to 1954 when Dr. L.B. Kajle lead and heads the department.

 Academic Society

The Academic Society of Botany and Environmental Science comprises Post Graduate students of these two subjects as office bearers, all staff members and all students of PG are the members of this Academic Society.

The Academic Society of Botany and Environmental Science has organized many academic events in the past years. The society is exposing and equating students to newer and current areas of competitiveness. The Academic Society helps in the overall development of the student and they are highly motivated, well informed and better prepared for the future. The society conducted following lectures in the past years.

S. No. Topic  Speaker
01 Ozone layer depletion and its effects Dr. H.D. Kumar, B.H.U. Varansi
02 Recent advances in Mycology Dr. G.P. Agarwal, Retd. Prof. & Head. Bioscience Deptt. R.D. University, Jabalpur
03 New Dimensions  of Biotechnology Dr. S.K. Hasija, Retd. Prof. and Head, Bioscience, R.D. University, Jabalpur
04 Evolutionary Biology and Environment Dr. S. Bhatnagar, Retd. Prof. Dept of Environmental Science, APS University, Rewa.
05 Biological Control Dr. R.C. Rajak, Retd. Prof. Bioscience Dept. Rani Durgavati University , Jabalpur
06 Biofertilizers Dr. Jamaluddin Head Plant pathology T.F.R.I., JBP.
07 Higher Basidiomycets Dr. C. K. Tiwari, Scientist, T.F.R.I. JBP.
08 General Plant Diseases and Control Dr. K. K. Soni, Scientist, T.F.R.I., JBP
09 Systems Ecology Dr. Nandita Tiwari NGO Jabalpur
10 Remote Sensing and its application Dr. P. K. Singhal, Professor, Dept. of Bioscience R.D. University, Jabalpur
11 Electron Microscope Structure Function and Application Dr. S. S. Bisen, Scientist, T.F.R.I. JBP.
12 EIA with Special Reference To Biodiversity and Conservation Dr. Kailash Chandra.Regional Director, Zoological Surevey of India, Jabalpur
13 Remote Sensing and GIS MS. A. Bhattacharya, Jabalpur
14 Life in Extreme Environment Dr. B.D. Parashar, DRDO, Gwalior
15 Biotechnology Application in Environment Science Dr. Sharad Tiwari J.N.K.V.V., Jabalpur
16 Mushroom Cultivation Technology Dr. Dadwal, T.F.R.I., Jabalpur
17 Parthenium Control and Awareness Dr. Sushil Kumar, Scientis, N.R.C.W.S., Jabalpur
18 Diversity of Medicinal Plants in Satpura region of M.P. Dr. J. L. Shrivastava, S.F.R.I.,  Jabalpur
19 Biodiversity & Conservation Dr. Kailash Chandra Regional Director, Z.S.I., Jabalpur

The Society Organizes Seminars of PG students which comprises presentation by lecture and slides on any topic related to syllabus, followed by through interaction and discussion among teachers and students. The society also organizes Quiz, Debates and other competitions to inculcate the feeling of confidence in them which helps in their overall development, so they are well informed to face the challenge of current areas of competitiveness.

The Academic society of the department also conducts local excursions and annual excursions within and outside state for the PG students of Botany & Environment Science to get them acquainted with the natural surroundings, Flora and fauna and Environmental status etc. During excursions, they also visit National Science Institute of repute, sanctuaries, historical places, hill areas, desert, rainforest and national parks in the past years. The students visited Pachmarhi and various place such as Ajmer, Mount Abu, Udaipur, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Lucknow, Dehradun, Mussoorie, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Delhi, Agra etc. and various other place of interest.

Research Facilities Available in the Department

The Department offer facilities of research in different field of Botany viz. Mycology, Plant Pathology, Seed Pathology, Aerobiology, Physiology, Medicinal Ethonobotany etc.

The different areas of Environmental Science on which the research is going on are Industrial pollution, remediation of pollution to develop low cost and effective technology for pollution control, river pollution, Environment management, EIA, Bio Medical waste, Air Pollution etc. There is a well equipped separate Environmental research laboratory in the department to pursue research in different fields of Environmental Science.

The departmental laboratory is equipped with a large number of routine and advanced microscopes. Along with these other important instrument are also available in the departmental laboratory viz Spectrophotometer, BOD incubator, low temperature incubator, deep freezer, shaker, flame photometer, JENWAY [UK] Ion meter, Orion ion selective electrodes, High volume air sampler, noise level meter, Handy air sampler, DO analyzer, pH meter, Turbidity meter, Colorimeter, Distillation plant, Water analysis kit, portable water analyzer kit, MIPS etc. Department also has four sets of computer systems along with broad band facilities beside this, the college has a well equipped central equipment laboratory.

The Department has rich library and also subscribe journals of repute, the books are used by PG students, research students and staff members. There is also a student library which provides books for undergraduate student of Environmental Science and Microbiology. Total books available in the department comparing UG Books on the subjects are 4812.

Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune under the Ministry of Earth Sciences, Govt. of India, New Delhi has signed an MOU with the Environmental Research laboratory of the Department for “Air Quality Monitoring and Research” and has awarded a Major Research Project under the guidance of Dr. R. K. Shrivastava, senior faculty of Environmental Science. Two Senior Research Fellowships are also sanctioned in the project. A separate MOU has also been signed with Narmada Gelatin Factory, Jabalpur for collaborative research and project work.

Gold Medals

A number of gold medals are being awarded to meritorious students by present/ past staff members of the department in the field of Botany, Environmental Science and Microbiology every year. These gold medals are awarded during annual function of the college.

S. No. Name of Gold Medal Donor Qualification
1 Late Pt. KhayaliramAyachi Memorial Dr. Akhilesh Ayachi and Smt. Bharti Ayachi Highest marks in M.Sc. of Life Science faculty
2 Late Vimlendu Shrivastava and Sushila Devi Shrivastava Memorial Dr. R. K. Shrivastava and Smt. Sangeeta Shrivastava Highest marks in M.Sc. Environmental Science and total of B.Sc. Marks
3 Late RajkumariVallabhdas Agarwal Memorial Dr. P. D. Agarwal & Smt. Sheel Agarwal Highest marks in M.Sc. Botany
4 Late Malti Anand Gupta Memorial Prof Ms. Indu Gupta Highest marks in M.Sc. Environmental Science.
5 Smt. Laxmi Bai Pateria Memorial Smt. Chandra Prabha Pateria Highest marks in M.Sc. Environmental Science
6 Late Sandhya Bhattacharya Memorial Prof. Ms. Shubhra Bhattacharya Highest marks in B.Sc. with Botany
7 Late Harish Chandra Sharma Memorial Dr. Smt. Archana Bajpai & Shri Anilkant Bajpai Highest marks in B.Sc. with Microbiology