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Chemical Society 2013-2018.

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Department of Mathematics
List of Lectures Under Mathematical Society

1      Topic- Fixed point theorem, Dr Devid Lavin, Head of the Department of
Mathematics Telaviv University, Jan-2013.
2      Topic – History of Mathematics and Geometry, Dr. P.N. Pandey, Head of the
department of mathematics, University of Allahabad, Nov -2013.
3      Topic – Certain Topological Spaces, Dr. P.V. Jain, Head of the department of
mathematics, RDVV Jabalpur, March-2015
4      Topic – Fuzzy Logic, Dr. S.S. Thakur, Head of the department of Mathematics ,
Govt. Engg  college Jabalpur, Feb-2016
5      Topic- Application of Differential Equations, Prof. Suneeta Soni, Head of
Department of Mathematics. MGM Jabalpur, Mar 2017.