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The year 1836 was a milestone year when the Robertson College was founded in Sagur (M.P.) as an institution to nurture higher education in the province. Later on the college was shifted to various places at Jabalpur and finally the Robertson College came to an existence in the Civil Engineering Department of the Jabalpur Engineering College, near the bank of the beautiful lake at Gokalpur area of Jabalpur. Later on, the college was transferred to the present building in the year 1956 and bifurcated to the Arts and Science colleges, respectively.

The Govt. Science College is one of the prime institutions of India devoted to higher learning in almost all premier disciplines of science. The college has had  a galaxy of distinguished legendries in the area of science, arts, culture and many more. Some of the notable personalities are famous actor Ashok Kumar, Acharya Rajneesh, Premnath, Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla etc. The Noble Laurite Prof. C.V.Raman also visited to old Robertson college in the year 1938 and delivered a talk on Raman Effect for which he was conferred with the Noble Prize in Physics.

 The college owes a prime rank in science education and research at both the national and international levels. The college has a tremendous volume of research activities and a lot of significant achievements are credited to its various departments. The college has highly dignified faculty members with distinguished profiles with great devotion making endless efforts to disseminate science education to students.

Early nineteenth century saw Jabalpur as a leading centre of education in Central India and later many colleges and educational institutions spread the light of knowledge to the entire area. One of them was Robertson College established in 1836 as Saugor Govt. School in Saugor, upgraded as Saugor Collegiate School in 1860; it was destined to become the renowned Robertson College of Jabalpur. The historic week long transfer in 1873 with bag-&-baggage on bullock-carts from Saugor to Jabalpur changed the entire history of education in this marble city.

Very soon, as had already the school attained the status of Govt. College. It carried on its journey marching ahead in various locations in Jabalpur. The present Govt. Engineering College’ Civil Department wing harboured Robertson College which in honor of the then commissioner Mr. Benjamin Robertson named after him. The alumni of the college still feel proud to call themselves Robertsonians.

Robertson College fulfilled the major aims of educational spiritual, intellectual, physical and cultural development of students. Science faculty of this college has the honor of Centurion of its existence, as it was started in the year of 1896. The present building accommodated this college in 1956. Robertson College, named Mahakoshal Mahavidyalaya after independence had to undergo the process of bifurcation in 1962 into Mahakoshal Arts and Commerce College, and Govt Model Science College. Robertson College first affiliated to Calcutta University, (from 1836 to 1890) then Allahabad University, (from 1891 to 1922); Nagpur University, (from 1923 to 1946); Sagar University, (from 1947 to 1956) and now affiliated to Rani Durgavati University, Jabalpur since 1957. Govt. Science College attained the status of Model Science College in 1985 and autonomy in the year of 1990.

The huge campus the College has a magnificent three storied building, having one hundred fifty rooms. In an area of one hundred acres, the college campus has three hostel buildings, Principal’s Bungalow, residential accommodation for staff members and supportive staff. Catering to need for physical development of students, the College has extensive playground for Hockey, Football, Cricket, Volleyball, Handball, Basketball and also a splendid Tennis Court within the campus, two indoor Badminton Courts, one of them being of international standard and a Gymnasium. A well nurtured Botanical Garden occupies the area. NCC and NSS units for both boys and girls impart training to the students and upholding the dignity of labour. The extension counter of the State Bank of India in the College campus facilitates bank transactions of the employees, students and all.

The sprawling campus, well-equipped laboratories, computers, televisions,  conference room, multimedia facilitated seminar hall completes the picture of a well established educational institution and contribute to the college an image of a temple of the Goddess of Knowledge Sarswatiji where the worshippers achieve enlightenment. As the students use their hands and head to study science aesthetic sense is inculcated in them through the various extra- curricular activities as well. The institution promotes spiritual, intellectual, cultural and physical development of its students. Resultant self-confidence in the students makes them feel that nothing is impossible. The aim of an ideal educational institution is to provide the most able, the most efficient personalities in different sphere of activities for the country. The history of the college has been very rich and fruitful in fostering and grooming such outstanding personalities who have out-shown in the fields of administration, research, medical and as distinguished scientists in diverse fields.

This has been an illustrious institution and is continuously enduing as a better academic arena. The declaration of the institution as Centre of Excellence by the State Government has provided an impetus to perform better and all are geared up to outshine the previous performance.


  • 1836    Established in the Year 1836 at Sagar.
  • 1860    Collegiate School at Sagar started
  • 1896    Degree Courses in Science started
  • 1916    Named as Robertson College
  • 1947    After Independence the college is named as Mahakoshal Mahavidhyalya. Post Graduate Studies started
  • 1962    Bifurcated into ‘Govt. Science College’ and Mahakoshal Arts & Commerce College.
  • 1985    Declared Model College by the Department of Higher Education, Government of M. P.
  • 1990    Successfully working under autonomous scheme of the UGC.
  • 1995    Vocational Course in Computer Maintenance, Computer Application introduced
  • 2001    Vocational Course Biotechnology introduced
  • 2002    Centre of Excellence in Science Education: MP Govt.
  • 2002    Accredited “A” Grade by NAAC-Bangalore.
  • 2004    College with Potential for Excellence by the UGC – New Delhi.
  • 2011    Re Accredited “A” Grade by NAAC-Bangalore.
  • 2011    Selected for prestigious FIST grant by the DST New Delhi.
  • 2015    Received Heritage Status Grants from the UGC, New Delhi


  • 1860 – 1890            Calcutta University
  • 1891 – 1922             Allahabad University
  • 1923 – 1946             Nagpur University
  • 1947 – 1956             Saugor University (Dr. H. S. Gour University, Sagar)
  • 1957    Present         Jabalpur University (Rani Durgawati University, Jabalpur)

Milestones of history of the college

Year                    Particular

1836 – 60            Govt. high School, Sagar (Established. at Sagar in 1836)

1860                   Affiliated to Calcutta university

1860 – 68            Mr. G. Wiggnis, Principal, Collegiate School, Sagar

1868 – 69            Mr. J. Kibble, Principal

1870 – 73            Mr. G. Thompson, Principal

1871                    Hostel started at Collegiate school Sagar, Mr. Elijah Jacob was the first prefect.

1873 – 74            G. Thompson, Principal, Govt. College, Jabalpur

1885                    Govt. Arts Degree College

1885 – 91            Mr. W. Young, Principal

1885                    B.A. Degree course introduced (high school continued)

1891 – 93            Mr. J. Firth, Principal

1891                   Affiliated to allahabad university

1891                    Law & Engineering subject at Graduate level introduced

1893                  Govt. Degree College, Arts. location shifted to Rajkumar College hostel building (lakh-khana) (present                                psm hostel)

1896                    govt. degree college of arts and science

1896 – 97            sir henry sharp, principal

1897 – 98            colin h. browning, principal

1898 – 1902       sir henry sharp, principal

1902 – 04            colin h. browning, principal

1904 – 05            k. b. williamson, principal

1905 – 06            mr. knox, johnson, principal. science subjects confined to b.sc.

1906 – 07            mr. k. b. williamson, principal

1908 – 10            mr. r. m. spence, principal (founder of spence training college, p. s. m.)

1910 – 11            mr. arthur e. jones, principal

1911 – 16            mr. arthur c. sells,  principal

1912 (aug)         college magazine “narbada” editor prof. w.s. rowland, published for the first time.

1914                    formation of literary society

1916                    robertson college, jabalpur

1916                    inauguration of new robertson college. college shifted from lakh-khana building to new building, situated at present engineering college, civil wing.

1917                    formation of historical society

1916 – 26            mr. arthur c. sells, principal

1923                    formation of philosophical society with prof. w. s. rowland as president and shri v. s. jha on                                               30/8/1923 as secretary

1923                    affiliated to nagpur university

1925                    sir p.c. ray delivered extension lectures on hindu and european chemistry

1926                    sir c.v. raman delivered extension lectures on raman effect

1926                    rai bahadur hiralal extension lecture on kalchuris of tripuri

1926-38              mr. w. s . rowlands, principal.

1928                    post graduate classes started in hindi (first in old m. p.)

1930                    dole memory trophy for science student.

1932                    formation of hindi cultural society. president – dr. s. p. verma, secretary &ndash bhagwandas dubey.

1933                    mr. m. b. niyogi, v. c. nagpur university, delivered extension lectures on “philosophy of life”.

1933                    student union came into existence for the first time. sardar rajendra singh: president and mr. m. w.                                  vaidya : secretary

1933                    inauguration of students union by pandit madam mohan malviya.

1936                    robertson college centenary celebration.

1938 – 39            m. m. ganguli (first indian principal of robertson college and founder of m. p. home guards.)

1939                    mr. jwala prasad, principal

1939                    p. g. started in english

1939 – 42            mr. hirde narayan, principal

1942 – 47            dr. s. c. dhar, principal

1945                    p. g. started in applied mathematics

1946                    bio group in b.sc. introduced

1947                    affiliated to saugor university, sagar, m. p.

1947                    rename mahakoshal mahavidyalaya after independence.

1947 – 55            dr. m. g. shabde, principal

1947                    geology group in b.sc. introduced

1948                    graduate in physics introduced

1950                    post graduate in physics introduced

1952                    post graduate in geology and zoology introduced

1955                    post graduate in chemistry introduced

1956 – 58            dr. r. l. nirula, principal

1956                    the college shifted in the present building, scl-pachpedi, jabalpur

1957                    affiliated to jabalpur university.

1958 – 62            shri u. d. mukherjee, the first robertsonian to be principal of the college.

1962                    govt. science college and mahakoshal arts and commerce college carved out of mahakoshal                                          mahavidyalaya.

1962 – 66            shri g. r. inamdar, principal

1963                    publication of the first college magazine “jyotirmayee”

1964                    inauguration of social gathering by then hon. minister for industries dr. shankar dayal sharma.

1966 – 70            dr. s. n. kaveeshwar, principal

1970 – 73            shri k. s. rathore, second robertsonian to be the principal of the college

1972                    military science group in b.sc. introduced

1973 -74             dr. m. c. rao, principal

1974 – 77            dr. m. g. nene, principal

1977 – 80            dr. k. c. jain, principal

1980 – 88            shri s. k. mishra, third robertsonian to be the principal.

1985                    the college renamed govt. model science college.

1986                    celebration of post centenary function. chief guest: shri motilal vora (chief minister m. p.) presided                                  by shri chitrakant jaiswal (education minister m. p.)

1988                    environmental science subject in post graduation introduced.

1988 – 90            dr. r. b. malviya, fourth robertsonian as principal.

1990                    granted autonomous status by the ugc

1990 – 93            dr. r. n. tripathi, principal

1991                    electronics, industrial chemistry and environmental science in b.sc. introduced

1992                    national seminar on “swadeshi pran vigyan” dr. s.p. sharma convenor, dr. murli manohar joshi                                         (national president b.j.p) chief guest, shri sunderlal patwa (chief minister m. p) president.

1993 – 94            dr. smt. vijaya chouhan, the first woman principal and first principal from humanities.

1994 – 96            dr. m. b. patel the fifth robertsonian as principal.

1995 – 96            computer application and computer maintenance introduced as vocational courses at b sc level

1996 – 97            dr. n. s. wadhera, principal

1997                    dr. smt. s. tripathi ,sixth robertsonian as principal

1997 – 2000       dr. o. p. sharma, principal

1998                    national seminar, golden jubilee celebration of geology department.

1999                    microbiology and biochemistry subjects in u. g. level introduced

2000 – 04            dr. smt. shibani chatterjee, seventh robertsonian as principal.

2000                    geohydrology subject at u. g. level introduced.

2000                    national seminar on “gantatra evam rashtrawad” to celebrate golden jubilee of india republic.

2001                    ‘biotechnology &lsquo subject as a vocational courses sanctioned by ugc new delhi and introduced at                               u. g. level

2002                    centre of excellence in science education declared by the mp govt.

2002                    accredited “a” grade by the naac, bangalore

2002                    bachelor of computer application (bca) introduced

2004                    college with potential for excellence : ugc – new delhi

2004 – 06            dr. sureshwar sharma (former vc rdvv), principal

2006 – 10            dr. (smt.) anupama ganguly, principal

2007                    all the departments facilitated with broad band internet connections individually. inspection of the                                  college by the c p e review committee, u g c new delhi.

2008                    visit of autonomy review team of the ugc in june 2008

2009                    organised national seminar on “quest for quality use of innovative practices”

2010 – 14            dr. smt. agnes thakur, principal

2011                    re-accredited “a” grade by the naac, bangalore

2015                   dr. m. k. mishra (joined on 27 july 2015), eighth robertsonian as principal received heritage status                                   grants from the ugc, new delhi.

2016                    dr. a.l.mahobia (joined on 25 may  2016)