Geology Deptt.

Head of Department: Dr. B.S. Rathore

About Department: This Department came into existence in the year 1947 and B.Sc. classes were started in combination with Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Physics and Mathematics.  Postgraduate classes were started in the year 1952.  At present there are eight combination programmes in B.Sc. with Geology as one subject.

Department of Geology started a new combination with Industrial Chemistry & Chemistry in the year 1991.  In the year 2003, a new group (ES2) of subjects introduced with Geology, Environment Science and Chemistry as main optional subjects. In the year 1996, a new combination of group (CA1) was introduced with Geology, Computer Application and Mathematics as optional subject. In 2002, the horizon was broadening up for computer learning aspirant students to provide a new group (CS1) with Geology, Computer Science and Mathematics.

The Department has formulated a dynamic and relevant curriculum and endowed with an excellent infrastructure.

Academic Society

The academic society of Geology has organised many academic events in the last five years. The society is exposing and equating students to newer and current areas of competitiveness.  The activities academic society help in the overall development of the students and they are highly motivated, well informed and better prepared for the future.

The academic society includes post graduate students as their office bearers.  The society conducts popular lectures of eminent scientists and experts of diverse fields in the subject.  The academic society also organizes local as well as outside excursion for the UG as well as PG students to get them exposed to current studies and surveys in various fields of Geology.

Student enrichment programmes

(Special lectures/ workshops/ seminar by external experts)

Geology Society organizes workshop/special lectures for student-


i.        Precambrian stratigraphy of Central India. Dr. A. P. Agrawal, Retd. Professor of Geology.

ii.        “Oil Well Drilling Techniques applied in Precambrian Lithology”, an onsite lecture by Senior Geologist of ONGC Shri P.K. Singh at Village Sanchari in Nohta Exploration Project.


i.        Geophysical exploration with reference to seismic methods – Shri D. K. Trehan, ex Associate General Manager (exploration wing), ONGC. 13-14th October 2013.

ii.        2- Days symposium was organized in collaboration with SAAEG on 6-7th February 2014. All students of geology attended the symposium.


i.        On earthquake with special reference to Sikkim earthquake. Shri D. K. Trehan, ex Associate General Manager (exploration wing), ONGC.

ii.        Water conservation and management. Dr. V. K. Khanna, Retd. Professor of Geology.


i.        Field techniques in preliminary geological survey. By Neetish Datta, former Dirctor General, GSI.

ii.        Er. G. Narayan Rao “An approach by neutral accent in communication with international society”. Feb 2016.


i.        Dr. G. Subba Rao Memorial lecture on “Unconventional Systems in Ore Prospecting with Special Reference to Diamond”. Dr. P. O. Alexander, former Professor of Geology at Dr. H. S. Gour University, Sagar, MP. 12 April 2017.

ii.        Career opportunities in atomic mineral exploration field. Shri Deepak Sinha, Senior Geologist, Atomic Mineral Directorate for Mineral Exploration and Research Eastern Zone (AEC), Jamshedpur (JK), 31-01-2017


i.        Dr. Neetish Datta, Former Director General, Geological Survey of India. Date: 25 Oct. 2017

ii.        Career opportunity in gemstones industry. Dr. A. N. Singh, Former Director, Geological Survey of India (GSI) on 18 Sep 2017.

Research facilities available in the Department

The Department offers facility of research in different fields of Geology viz. Geohydrology, Economic Geology, Petrology, Geochemistry etc. Regarding infrastructure, the Department has a rich library of P G level books and subscribes journals of repute. The Department has well equipped laboratory to pursue research in different fields of Geology.  The lab is equipped with digital spectrophotometer, Microprocessor controlled Digital D.C. Spectrophotometer, Resistivity meter, section cutting machine and Lab Photo-micrographic instrument, Flame Photometer, Sieve shaking machine, Loading and Stress Machine, surveying instruments and polarizing microscopes etc. Computer facility is available for research work as well as to PG students.

“Beyond syllabus scholarly activities” of the department

Teaching faculty members have contributed the most demanded books of branches of Geology in Hindi medium through “Hindi Granth Academy” like Structural Geology, Mineralogy, Petrology and Paleontology.

One book covering ‘Philosophical Aspects of Science’ has also been contributed. The Department has also generated valuable data base on the river systems and other aspects around Jabalpur.

Dr. Sanjay Tignath is an expert advisor to the Namami Devi Narmade Mission of the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh.

Books of faculty with ISBN numbers with details of publishers

1.   B.S. Rathore and Sanjay Tignath: Sanrachnatmak Bhoovigyan- Ek Parichay MP Hindi Granth Academy (2013).

2.   A.P. Agrawal and D.K. Deolia: Jeevashmvigyan avam Sanstarvigyan ke Siddhant. MP Hindi Granth Academy (2013).

3.   A.P. Agrawal and D.K. Deolia: Shailiki ke Siddhant. MP Hindi Granth Academy (2013).

4.   Sanjay Tignath: Aranyapantha. Rajkamal Prakashan Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi (2015). ISBN: 978-81-267-2781-0

Scholarship to PG students

Founder Head of the Department, “Dr. G. Subba Rao Memorial Scholarship” sponsored by his able son Shri Narayan Rao.

Two scholarships each of Rs.20000/- (Rupees Twenty thousand only) per annum for meritorious student of Geology PG. One each for MSc Previous and final year students.

Gold Medals

S.N. In Memory of … Sponsored by … Particulars
1 Late S. B. Parekh Dr. Magan Bhai Patel Highest Marks Scored in B.Sc. Geology
2 Late Kamla Devi Mishra Prof. P. K. Mishra Highest Marks Scored in M.Sc. Geology
3 Late Prof. G. Subba Rao Mr. Narayan Rao Highest Marks Scored in B.Sc. and M.Sc. Geology


 Dinosaur’s Fossil Egg

 20th February 2007

A group of PG students under the supervision of Dr G P Singh has found Dinosaur’s Fossil Eggs in the “Lameta Formation” of Jabalpur area during field excursion. The group is the first from this Department to achieve the distinction.

List the distinguished alumni of the Department (maximum 10) presently employed

Two internationally renowned personalities are the Alumni of the Geology Department- Dr D P Rao, Director, National Remote Sensing Agency, Hyderabad Department of Space, Govt. of India. He was awarded Padmashree for his contribution in the field of space science. He is among the scientists to make Hyderabad a Hi-Tech city. Dr S K Saxena is a Professor of Geology in Uppsala University, Sweden; Dr. Saxena had the honour to work in NASA where he was the first to analyze the lunar rocks. He is one of the two very important scientists who are doing deep crustal studies through bore holes down to 15-16 km deep.

  1. Medha Jha, Associate Professor, IIT-BHU
  2. Miss Seema Yadav, Geologist, GSI
  3. Suhel Ahmed Khan, Geologist, GSI
  4. Vinayak Shankar Modi, Geologist, GSI
  5. Abhijeet Bhattacharya, Geologist, GSI
  6. Ritesh Yadav, Geologist, AMD AEC
  7. Naveen Rawat, Geologist, GSI
  8. Ratnesh Dikshit, Mining Officer, MPDGM
  9. Prem Prakash Rai, Mining Officer, MPDGM
  10. Jaydeep Namdeo, Geologist, GSI